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Welcome to CoursePick.com!

Welcome to CoursePick.com! We publish in-depth articles curating the best online courses in a wide range of topics.

The internet is a big place, and there is a an incredible amount of online courses on the market. 

Some are outstanding, better than any live course you could attend, but other online courses simply drop the ball.

In order to find the best courses, we work with relevant authors for each guide.

Great people with a good deal of relevant experience and credentials in their own fields, to review and select the right online courses for you.

Before recommending a course, they reviewed the content and teacher’s experience so you don’t waste your time making the wrong choice.

We recommend courses on secured online learning platforms like udemy, coursera, edx.org and more, that have a good reputation and user experience for e-learning.

Who Are We?

Thanks to online courses and a desire to build things, we are self employed online publishers. CoursePick.com is a brand we were happy to launch, to help people like us learn new things and grow in their professional or personal lives.

Rudy Dewatine

Rudy Dewatine


Fabiola Murray

Fabiola Murray

Editor In Chief

We Work With The Best Authors

No matter the subject matter, getting good advice is crucial when it comes to your education. We take pride in working with great authors, having relevant credentials and experience in their own field.

Rudy Dewatine

Christopher Kenny

Mathematics Teacher @ Saint Joseph Academy

Hannah Beams

Hannah Beams

Mathematics & Biochemistry major @ Bates College