Top 12 Boxing Courses (Online)

by Robert Johnson | Last Updated:   June 14, 2024

Boxing is an effective way to build muscle, burn fat, and inject a healthy dose of discipline into your life.

And thanks to online courses, you can learn to box from the comfort of your home!

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the best online boxing courses and their specifications so you can select one that best suits your requirements.

Below we have listed the best boxing courses with a brief description and what you can expect to learn under each course.

1. Boxing Mastery: Learn From a Trainer of Champions by Kerry Pharr

kerry pharr teaching a boxing lesson

Kerry Pharr is the author of the Amazon bestseller How to Box: Training for Boxing.

Kerry has been in the industry for nearly three decades and has coached some of the finest athletes the sport has witnessed.

His course provides a detailed approach to boxing, teaching you the basics while instilling a disciplined, athletic mindset so you continue to practice even after the class.

This lesson will teach you the bare bones or fundamentals of boxing, creating a solid base. Kerry also focuses on advanced boxing techniques after a few sessions so you can evolve your practice and take your skills to the next level.

Takeaway: This course is ideal if you’re looking to steadily build boxing practice into your daily routine. Once you’ve learned the basics, this course also provides lessons to improve your form and create a more athletic body.

2. Boxing Masterclass: Boxing Foundation by Cornelius Carr 

boxing coach and students

Cornelius Carr is a former WBF World Middleweight Champion and has been in the ring since he began training at the tender age of 11.

He believes boxing can help us transcend our regular lives by teaching us to be better people.

This course focuses exclusively on boxing fundamentals: building your foundation as a boxer. Here you will learn the basic boxing stance and ten different types of punches, along with a few parries and blocks.

Cornelius also teaches a few intermediate drills as you progress through the course. However, the system is focused primarily on learning the basics, so you have a solid foundation.  

Takeaway: This masterclass is perfect for those without prior knowledge of boxing and provides detailed instructions on all the basic maneuvers. 

3. Boxology Online by Cathey and Greg

boxing instructors at boxology online

The founders of Boxology, Cathey and Greg, have been boxing and coaching together for decades and have nearly forty years of boxing experience between them.

Boxology offers a variety of training programs, from a beginner’s course to more advanced lessons that go beyond the basics, even teaching you how to coach other aspiring boxers.

Aside from learning basic techniques, Boxology boxing lessons also help its students understand the anatomy of a boxer’s body and the different parts that work in tandem during the sport.

Such a detailed breakdown will give you a new perspective on the sport, helping you progress more quickly than you might imagine.

Takeaway: This course is perfect for those looking to brush up on their basics and advance their boxing practice. The course teaches experienced boxers how to transition to a coaching role and effectively train their clients.

4. Expert Boxing online boxing classes by Johnny N

boxing coach showing basic footwork stances

Johnny N is the coach on Expert Boxing and has designed several programs to give students a comprehensive understanding of the sport. These lessons include a quick 10-Day intro to boxing, a course on advanced footwork, and a month-long intensive program on punching power.

This online space is designed to cater to the needs of boxers at every level, and you can find testimonials from some of the pros on how the lessons here helped them take their game to the next stage. 

Takeaway: This platform is ideal for people at various skill levels, and you can select a course that best suits your abilities. They offer a range of lessons, including beginner programs and advanced drills to improve your movements and technique.

5. Solo Boxing Program: For Fitness/Self-Defense by Harj Sohal

boxing coach training on punching bag

Harj Sohal is a Full Urban Combatives Instructor and well-versed in several martial art forms, including Krav Maga, Filipina Martial Arts, and Rapid Assault Tactics. He combines this experience with his love for teaching in this solo boxing program.

Here, you will learn how to punch a heavy bag using the different fundamental boxing punches. And unlike the other courses, which focus on technique, this course was created to teach you how to defend yourself using the skills you learn.

Takeaway: The Solo Boxing Program works best for those looking for practical application of their boxing techniques. If you want to learn some basic methods that can be applied in real-life situations, this is the lesson for you.

6. Boxing Training Course, Complete Workout Set by Barbaros Ozeller 

boxing workout

This course was created by Barbaros Ozeller from Istanbul, Turkey, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. He’s a master of six martial arts who realized that people needed to stay fit during the pandemic and decided that online boxing was an effective way to work out from home.

In this boxing fitness training course, Barbaros covers the basics of boxing techniques and provides a progressive training program for you to slowly build the agility and strength needed to be a boxer.

Takeaway: This course primarily focuses on speed and learning to apply the proper technique immediately. It’s ideal for those looking to sculpt their bodies while learning the sport of boxing. You can even sign up for it without a punching bag, as most lessons are taught in the shadow boxing style.

7. Work Train Fight (WTF) 

sparing at the work train fight online gym

Work Train Fight has a gym space in New York City with some of the finest boxing trainers you’ll come across.

They even offer their facilities to independent trainers with their clients! Fortunately, WTF also provides online classes to those living outside New York so that you can enjoy the benefits of their professional approach to boxing.

WTF focuses heavily on burning fat and building muscle through boxing workouts. So while you will be schooled in the basics of boxing, their emphasis tends to be more on building the body for the sport. 

Takeaway: This course is ideal for those looking to lose weight and build a healthier lifestyle through boxing. WTF is also suitable for those looking to find a community that can help them stay consistent in their practice.

8. Boxing for Fitness by Joey Zanca  

boxing pad work for fitness

Joey has a wealth of experience in various martial art forms, including boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. He is the current fitness coordinator of the Title Boxing Club and the Program Director for Mutant MMA.

Joey breaks down the basic stances, punches, and leg work in this mixed course while incorporating a few kicks to give you a solid workout.

This udemy course was designed to give you comprehensive training while providing the necessary skills to defend yourself in a street fight.

Takeaway: As you can see, this course isn’t just about boxing and involves kicks and other compound techniques. As such, it’s ideal for those seeking a full-body workout while learning the basic techniques to defend themselves.

9. Box n Burn Online Boxing Academy

box n burn instructors sparring in the ring

Box n Burn Academy prides itself on being the top boxing fitness certification program for aspiring boxing coaches. Olympic boxer Tony Jeffries teaches the courses along with a few other professionals working with Box n Burn Academy.

Unlike the other courses on this list, this one teaches you to become a boxing instructor and build your client network. While you will be drilled in the basics of boxing, you will also learn the necessary mitt work and training techniques to teach others the sport.

Your progress will be measured and recorded by their experienced personnel, and you’ll even receive tips on improving your technique with advanced boxing combinations and teaching more effectively.

Takeaway: The online courses at Box n Burn are primarily for people looking to become boxing instructors themselves. They even offer an advanced program so you can learn high-level mitt work and the digital marketing skills required to build your clientele. 

10. Sneak Punch by Cornelius Carr

The Boxing Stance - How to Box (Quick Video)

We mentioned Cornelius Carr earlier in this list, and he’s back again, this time with his online portal to learn boxing. Cornelius believes boxing can help us lead healthier, more fulfilling lives, and he shows us how in this online course.

At Sneak Punch, they break down every step of the boxing process, isolating each element so you understand the nuances of this sport. Once you have the basics, like the proper stance, guard, and punches, they will teach you to combine all the elements with building an effective practice.

Takeaway: This course appeals to a broader client base and is ideal for those looking to box as a hobby or profession and those looking to box to stay fit.

11. Start Boxing Today! Step-By-Step Boxing Guide Overview by Daniel Young

start boxing today course syllabus

The instructor and martial arts coach Daniel Young has been boxing for a decade and still lives and breathes the sport every day of his life. He’s also the author of a top-selling book about boxing and is well-versed in the techniques and mindset involved with the sport.

In this course on skillshare, Daniel explains how to start boxing as a fitness regime, what gloves and shoes you should wear, and how to put on your hand wraps before a class. You’ll learn the basic techniques and boxing etiquette to get started on this sport today! 

Takeaway: This course isn’t so focused on technique or practice but rather on how to set yourself up to start learning the sport of boxing. So this lesson is ideal if you’re looking for an intro to the world of boxing.

12. Ultimate Boxing Training: Professional Boxing Techniques by Lee Mainprize

muay thai boxing demonstration

Lee Mainprize dedicated his life to studying martial arts after being the victim of a violent street attack in his twenties. His proficiency led him to become a director of the National Association for Professional Martial Arts and the founder of the Institute of Martial Arts Professionals.

In this course, Lee breaks down effective techniques to avoid attacks and knock out opponents within a few minutes. Aside from learning the basics, lee will also teach advanced boxing techniques and you will receive clear instructions on defending yourself from a hostile stranger and how to end a street fight before it escalates.

Lee also teaches his students a few dirty boxing tricks that could get you banned in the ring, but that can be helpful if you’re cornered in the streets.

Takeaway: This class is a dealbreaker for those without boxing experience and looking to learn the sport as a form of self-defense. You may not build the kind of foundation you’re looking for, but you’re sure to earn a few techniques that will knock out any opponent! 

Recommended Reading

The Cus D’Amato Mind

Now that you have a list of courses to choose from, you can start your boxing journey. However, one essential element you need to be a proficient boxer is the right mindset.

And in this book – The Cus D’Amato Mind, you can learn the secrets that gave fighters like Mike Tyson the mindset needed to become world heavyweight champions.

This book from a coach who has been training professional boxing champions for decades equips readers with the mental tools required to achieve greatness in any endeavor in life.

While polishing your technique will keep you fit, learning the right mindset can help you overcome the fear, anxiety, and self-doubt that plagues many fighters before they enter the ring.

So whether you decide to take up boxing seriously or not, this book can give you the charisma, confidence, and sense of control you need to excel at the sport of boxing and in life.

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And there you have it! The top online boxing courses to learn this spectacular sport.

Leave a comment if you prefer one of the courses mentioned here or would like to leave a review on any of these lessons. Good luck on your boxing journey!

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