Top 11 Best Waxing Courses (Online)

by Jessica Mendoza | Last Updated:   June 14, 2024

If you learn how to apply wax professionally—this hair removal method can provide valuable and marketable skills.

Whether you want to learn waxing techniques as part of your training as a beauty therapist or you would like to save some money by not having to go to the salon, an online waxing course is an excellent idea. 

1. DIY Self Waxing at Home by Ashley May

woman waxing her own legs

There are plenty of online waxing courses for those wishing to pursue a career as an esthetician, but not many if you want to learn how to wax at home using products that you can buy from the drugstore.

Ashley May’s DIY waxing course is one of the rare exceptions and shows you everything you need to know as a complete novice. 

After attending this online course, you will have the confidence to wax the following areas:

You will also know which equipment to buy for home waxing (and which tools are a waste of time and money). 

This DIY waxing course covers the basics of waxing and is excellent if you want to save money by doing your waxing or if you feel embarrassed about your hair growth at the salon. However, the course isn’t suitable for beauty therapy students or professionals as it doesn’t cover waxing in a salon setting. 

2. Waxing Depilation Diploma Course Certification by Manik Miah

esthetician preparing wax for depilation

Manik Miah’s online waxing course will suit beauty therapy students with a full-body massage diploma and a sound knowledge of human physiology.

This course is perfect if you are an esthetician interested in broadening your horizons to include professional waxing techniques. 

The course starts by providing a comprehensive overview of depilation and waxing techniques and shows you how to wax safely and maintain strict hygiene standards in your salon. You’ll also learn how to use hot wax for hair removal throughout the body and how to care for the area after waxing. 

Unlike other professional waxing courses, this one is unique because it discusses beauty therapist insurance, an essential but typically overlooked aspect of waxing training.

It also touches on how to consult professionally with clients and the best ways to put nervous clients at ease. Client consultation is an important part of the waxing business.

3. Waxing Refresher Course by Monique Cosmetique, LLC

professional waxing

Do you have prior training as an esthetician, and would you like to refresh your waxing knowledge and techniques?

If so, Monique Cosmetique’s refresher course could help you achieve your goals. 

Tasha Monique—Monique Cosmetique’s owner and an experienced beauty therapy educator, leads this exciting course. The course is engaging and covers the latest waxing techniques using the following varieties: 

Tasha also explains the most suitable wax type for each body area and the best aftercare products. 

Since this course is hands-on with multiple demonstrations, you will need access to a salon and professional waxing tools. You’ll also need someone to be your guinea pig with unwanted hair as you practice the waxing techniques you learn. 

After completing this course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion, and you are welcome to message Tasha if you have any questions about the course content. 

4. Online Waxing Training Course by The Beauty Academy 

demonstration of eyebrow waxing

This comprehensive online course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn professional waxing techniques. Whether you’re a complete novice, a beauty therapy student, or a qualified esthetician who wants to refresh your knowledge, this course is worth the money.

Unlike the course mentioned above, you don’t need access to a beauty salon to practice waxing techniques. However, you’ll need to buy some basic waxing materials and tools

Many other courses mentioned in this article cater to experienced waxers or laypeople. This course is unique because it embraces all levels of students—regardless of the waxing knowledge. 

The Beauty Academy’s experienced estheticians lead the course, and though it’s not a live course, you are free to email the tutors if you have questions. 

5. Waxing Certification by New Skills Academy

professional depilatory using wax strips to remove hair

Most beauty therapists know little about waxing techniques, but this online course fills the gaps if your waxing experience is spotty. It is best suited to qualified estheticians or beauty therapy students who want to supplement their education. 

The course begins with a broad anatomical overview and explains how body hair grows and how effective various hair removal methods are. It also explains the science behind waxing and how each wax type works to remove hair. 

After the theory section, you can watch the in-depth waxing demonstrations to perfect your technique and wax safely without causing skin irritation.

You will also learn the latest aftercare techniques in caring for skin that you have waxed, information that you can pass on to your clients. 

New Skills Academy’s estheticians teach the course modules, making up 100 hours. However, you can take the course at your own pace, making it great for busy professionals. 

At the end of the course, you take a multiple choice test. On successful completion, you receive a certificate that the industry recognizes widely as an acceptable waxing qualification in most states. 

6. Brazilian Waxing Online Course for Professionals by Milady Training 

brazilian bikini depilation

Many online waxing courses focus on removing hair from several body areas, but Milady Training’s course concentrates only on the bikini area. 

A bikini area is a sensitive place to wax, and many newly-qualified beauty therapists lack confidence in their Brazilian waxing techniques. If this sounds like you, this short, one-hour course is ideal. 

One of Milady Training’s professional trainers conducts this specialized course. The course caters to estheticians who want to expand their Brazilian waxing knowledge and learn about the latest techniques to make the body waxing procedure as painless as possible. 

The course also briefly touches on some other topics: 

After paying for the course, you can access it for 60 days, allowing you to refer back to the parts you’re unsure about and fit into your schedule.

After completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion

7. The Male Brazilian by the Wax Chick

man getting waxed

Many waxing courses touch on Brazilian waxing. However, they generally focus on Brazilian waxing techniques for females, and very few online lessons teach professionals how to perform it on a male.

The male Brazilian has become increasingly popular recently, and beauty therapists have seen a rising demand.

Unfortunately, many estheticians feel unconfident performing this treatment and don’t offer it. 

This course is perfect for estheticians who want to offer male Brazilians but lack experience in waxing males. Crickett, The Wax Chick’s founder, leads this course and is an expert in advanced waxing techniques.  

After completing the training course, you’ll know how to use a safe and gentle body waxing technique for male Brazilians and receive a certificate.

Purchasing the syllabus gives you unlimited access, which never expires, allowing you to refresh your memory whenever necessary. 

The course also allows you to download The Wax Chick’s professional waxing pre-consultation form for your clients. 

8. Virtual Brow Masterclass Waxing by Melanie Marris 

eyebrow wax

Beautifully-shaped brows have become incredibly popular recently, and if you want professional brow shaping, you need regular maintenance, which can be expensive.

Melanie Marris’s virtual brow course shows you how to shape and wax your eyebrows from home, potentially saving you a great deal of money in the long run. 

You don’t need any prior beauty therapy training to attend this course, but it’s also popular with cosmetology students who want to improve their brow waxing skills. 

This course teaches you Melanie Marris’s unique brow waxing technique she employs in her well-regarded beauty salons.

Several in-depth videos demonstrate the precise process necessary for waxing the brow area, which zooms in and allows you to develop your brow shaping skills accurately. 

You will also learn other brow shaping techniques, including:

After attending the course, you will be confident performing brow waxing at home or in your salon.

You don’t need prior beauty therapy knowledge to participate in the class, and it’s also available in Spanish

After you pass the multiple choice test, the instructor will award you a certificate of completion that you can download. 

9. Full Body Waxing Including Face and Bikini by Center of Wellness

face depilation

Are you looking for a comprehensive waxing course to give you the necessary skills to become a skilled wax technician? If that’s the case—the Center of Wellness’s waxing course should be a top consideration. 

The Center of Wellness’s founder, Claire Coleman, hosts the course, and she has decades of beauty therapy experience and covers waxing techniques for all body areas that you can wax.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll have a good understanding of the best type of wax to use for each body area, in addition to other important topics: 

This course differs from other courses mentioned in this article because you need to download the extensive training manual and familiarize yourself with it before watching the course’s videos.

Reading the manual allows you to understand the video content more effectively and is also a helpful reference tool to refresh your knowledge. 

After studying the manual and watching the video demonstrations, you will write a multiple choice test and receive a certificate of completion. 

10. Introduction to Waxing – Beginners Hard Wax Video Tutorial by Hard Wax Solutions

Introduction to Waxing - Beginners Hard Wax Tutorial

The other online waxing courses mentioned in this article are all paid courses and differ in price significantly. If you’re on a strict budget, don’t have money for a waxing course, and are looking for the best free option, this YouTube-based course could be an excellent option. 

This program is also an excellent introductory course for lay people who want to learn how to use hard wax safely on themselves and a fantastic option for those who have just started their beauty therapy training. 

This course is likely for free because Hard Wax Solutions recommends their waxing products multiple times, with a call to buy them at the end of the course. However, with some research, you can find suitable alternatives if you don’t want to buy them. 

Ivana hosts it from Hard Wax Solutions, which provides professional-level training in all aspects of waxing, such as: 

Another unique feature of this course is their preference for hard wax. Most waxing studies outline the benefits and drawbacks of each wax type for the different body areas, but this course recommends only hard wax. 

11. How To Make Wax, Self Wax at Home by Fatima Hawood

wax heater with hot wax

Most estheticians and people who do home waxing buy wax, but if you’d like to learn how to make your own, Fatima Hawood’s interesting course teaches you everything you need to know.

Fatima’s wax recipe could benefit you if your skin feels typically irritated or sore after waxing because it’s not as harsh and doesn’t remove the hair follicle.

Fatima shows you how to make professional-grade wax with just three ingredients: 

After making your wax, Fatima shows you the correct waxing technique using clean cotton strips. She also provides valuable information on hair follicle anatomy and how to care for the area after waxing. 

Although the course focuses on how to make and apply homemade wax, it briefly touches on waxing techniques for the legs, the upper lip, and brows

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Now that you’ve read about the best online waxing training courses, you should be able to select the most suitable tutor for your needs and be in an excellent position to start your journey toward being an esthetician, gain insurance and start learning at your own pace.

Feel free to leave comments or course suggestions below!


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1 year ago

The waxing course was incredibly informative and helpful! The instructor was knowledgeable and very patient in walking us through the process. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how to wax properly and safely.