Top 10 Best Tantra Courses (Online)

by Emily Moore | Last Updated:   July 11, 2024

In our fast-paced, modern world, it can be difficult to find time to connect with our partners on a physical and emotional level.

Tantra is a beautiful and ancient practice that can help us to do just that.

Though it is often associated with sex, tantra is so much more than that. It is a way of relating to ourselves and others that is based on love, respect, and pleasure.

And, it is a practice that anyone can learn, regardless of experience or background.

While it is certainly beneficial to learn from a qualified teacher, you can also start on your own.

So, if you are looking for a way to deepen your connection with yourself and your partner, tantra may be just what you need.

Below are ten of the best online Tantra courses:

1. Tantra Immersion by Mahasiddha Yoga

tantra immersion teacher

The Esoteric Tantra Course is an intense, ongoing class that focuses on elevating consciousness and living a full, abundant life, walking a yogi path to profound spiritual development.
Contrary to popular belief, Tantra is not just about sex.

Sacred eroticism is an element in Tantra but it is only a part of a much greater richness of knowledge and practice which Tantra has to offer. The tantric path is a beautiful combination of physical, sensual, emotional and spiritual awakening that will bring you closer to yourself and the divine.
In this course, we’ll explore Tantra’s foundational teachings, including the principles of energy and consciousness, the law of resonance, the game of polarity, and much more.

These teachings and practices are life-changing for most of our students. One of the greatest revelations of the Tantric system is learning how our subtle anatomy is linked to our deep psychological patterns and how addressing an unbalanced chakra translates into particular behavioural transformations.

If you are looking for a deep dive into the mysteries of Tantra combined with profound understanding and direct, practical experience, then this course is for you!

What makes this course different is that it is live on Zoom every week. Each class has about 90 mins of Hatha Yoga (Every week, studying a new posture (asana) or a new practice) and an hour of theory presentation followed by questions and answers.

2. Tantra Sadhana by Aadhesh Institute of Inner Studies AIIS

tantric couple

Aadhesh Institute of Inner Studies AIIS is headed by Shri K B. Gopalakrishnan, an experienced meditator and mediation teacher. He has developed comprehensive techniques in this course and in other workshops to help people predict death and outline the anticipated factors leading to one’s death. 

His techniques improve on the common practice of only relying on pictures in tarots during predictions, thus yielding better results.

This course helps you understand the path of tantra and Aghori, the eligibility to become tantric, and the rules of tantra. It also covers alcohol and tantra, substances and tantra, and the various aspects of tantra, including using women’s energy. 

This course is excellent for people who are new to tantra and interested in spirituality. It’s also ideal if you need a certificate upon completion of the course.

3. 21 Lessons To Learn Tantra Alone or in a Relationship by James Wood

hands making a love sign

James Wood is a professional instructor with experience in the connection between the mind and body.

He has focused on developing helpful techniques to help people understand the importance of the mind’s influence on the body and the necessity of learning to protect oneself. 

This course achieves this by teaching you how to release intimate blockage, breathing techniques, energy healing, tantric massage, and understanding the Kundalini.

Additionally, the course helps you enhance communication between you and your significant other, develop more confidence in yourself, and experience a new level of heart connection with your spouse. 

This course is unique because the instructor breaks down complicated subjects in a simple and understandable way that benefits beginners.

I recommend it to anyone interested in improving their internal well-being and developing a vibrant love life with their partner.

4. Relationship Tantra by Chantelle Raven

relationship tantra

Chantelle Raven is an accomplished instructor with almost 20 years of experience guiding students and teaching Tantra.

She has a passion for spiritual awakening, understanding the psyche, the body, and sexuality, and has spent many years facilitating retreats and workshops in the field. 

This course focuses on guiding students to embrace and embody their spiritual awakening by using their experiences as the foundation for lasting changes in their lives.

This is particularly useful in helping people create vibrant, nurturing, and sexually fulfilling relationships. 

The instructor works with you to identify the causal factors and end the patterns that cause relationship breakups, including neediness, avoidance, and poor communication. 

This course adopts a unique approach that incorporates spirituality and tantra in helping students learn to build love and passion. It’s a great fit for anyone interested in developing strong relationships with love, passion, and harmony.

5. Tantric Reset Massage Course by Holly Robinson

tantric massage

Holly Robinson is a certified and passionate Life Coach specializing in Sexuality and Tantra. She helps women and couples become more sexually empowered. Her previous training in mindfulness for children and psychology gives her significant insight into how to work with couples to help them spice their sexual relationships. 

This course teaches the roles of the giver and receiver during sexual relations, how to use tantra to reset sexual trauma, Taoist Tantric Reset Massage, and Tantric breath work. You will also receive certification upon completion of the course. 

This course will help you improve your health because the massage stimulates cleansing and purification and eradicates blockages. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, this course is exactly what you need.  

6. Tantra Made Easy by Shashi Solluna

tantra made easy course cover

Shashi Solluna is an internationally recognized instructor with over 15 years of studying and practicing Tantra. She specializes in the sacred sexuality practices of world Tantric philosophies. 

She often weaves together wisdom and practices from several lineages, including:

The course offers life-changing tantric experiences that you can use to improve your life significantly. What makes it unique is that it employs a cocktail of meditations and exercises to help you achieve higher states of consciousness, build self-love and awareness, and revolutionize any relationship.

It’s a great choice for anyone looking to awaken their sexual and erotic power, improve their relationship, open their heart and being to the universe, and experience more love. 

7. Maha Mudra: Tantric Sexual Alchemy (Kriya Yoga Initiation) by Devatma Saraswati


Devatma Saraswati is a qualified instructor who began his devotion at the age of 17 after experiencing an intense spiritual awakening.

He also had his Kundalini Shakti awakened at the age of 24 years old through shaktipat by a sidda guru.

These experiences led him to go on lengthy journeys through Southeast Asia and India, studying with many great masters with extensive training in the esoteric teachings of Yoga, Taoism, Tantra, Buddhism, and Vedanta.

After mastering the training, he started teaching yoga online, drawing significant personal and spiritual meaning by guiding students and sharing the knowledge he has acquired thus far.

This course teaches you how to spiritualize your sex life, develop the ‘inner orgasm’ experience, and cultivate sexual energy to expand your awareness. It also teaches a powerful sex sublimation technique.

I recommend this course to people who want to become more present and in tune with their bodies and sexuality.

This is because it contains a comprehensive breakdown of tantric and sexual information broken down using an easy-to-digest approach.

She also offers tantra teacher training for future tantra practitioners.

8. The Concise Secrets of Tantra in 8 Simple Lessons by Scott Turner

tantra monk

Scott Turner started as a 3D artist. For over 20 years, he worked in television commercials and taught game design at the university level.

He then got his initiation into Kundalini, shamanic and non-dual traditions through working with Amazonian shamans and tantric teachers, which provided him with important information he wished to transmit to as many people as possible.

His course will teach you how to transform your desires into other energies and use desire as an entrance point into pure consciousness. It also focuses on helping you recognize the ecosystem of energies, their purification, and their manifestations in different dimensions. It also helps you discern the frontiers of the imaginative and natural world and project energy between them. 

The only requirement for students interested in this course is a strong desire to learn the truth. I recommend this course to anyone struggling with regular meditation techniques, such as mindfulness and focusing on the breath. If you need a more practical approach to help you with these things, Scott Turner’s course would be a great fit for you.

9. Learn Tantra at Home by Tantralovers


Tantralovers is a collection of professional instructors who’ve agreed to come together and impart their knowledge, experience, and wisdom to students in acceptable forms.

Tantralovers offers a unique course that allows multiple experienced instructors to collaborate via a single online platform to offer guidance in diverse areas, such as:

The course is designed to cover a wide range of knowledge areas that align with most people’s interests in Tantra and spirituality. I recommend it to anyone interested in improving their intimacy and touch, learning the basics of tantras, dealing with jealousy in relationships, and igniting their inner power.

10. Tantra Illuminated

tantric deity

Tantra Illuminated also has a team of professional instructors who offer online courses and retreats to people interested in tantra and spirituality. Their courses focus on providing students with deeply informative and useful classes covering areas such as:

This course is unique because it provides students with multiple useful resources, including audiobooks, free library items, and in-person meetings for members. It’s ideal for beginners interested in understanding tantras and learning various spiritual practices and teachings to an advanced level.

So if you are committed to learning about spirituality and tantras, you might want to give this course a closer look. It’s a comprehensive way to learn from the experts.

Recommended Books

In most cases, learners need books to complement what they learn through coursework by reading books. Learning tantra is no different. Pairing a course with a relevant book can help speed up your learning and give you a deeper understanding of the tantra specialty area you’re studying, whether you’re just getting started or looking to further your knowledge.

To help you choose the right book, I’ve compiled a list of the best titles to pair with the courses we’ve reviewed above. Here are the top 3 (all available on

1. Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition

Tantra illuminated is a great book available in paperback, Kindle, and audio formats. So, no matter how you prefer to enjoy books, there’s an option well-suited to your preferences!

This book explores the history of Tantric traditions and discusses its philosophy and transformations over time.

While the tone of this book might be a little dry for some readers and listeners, it’s challenging to find a more comprehensive resource that discusses all aspects of Tantra.

The final section of the book also includes unique exercises to help you practice what you’ve learned.

So if you are interested in the journey of how tantra developed and spread to the West, along with its teachings and practices, this is a worthwhile buy.

2. Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by Osho

If you’re looking to gain a deep understanding of Tantra teachings and practices, this is a book worth adding to your library. Since it’s available in audio format, you can also add it to your media library or smartphone to listen on the go!

As the title suggests, this book seeks to give the reader a supreme understanding of Tantra. The book also explains multiple meditation techniques, giving readers the opportunity to incorporate tantric practices into their daily lives.

What makes this book unique is the author’s refreshing perspective as he breaks down complex, obscure, and mystical subjects into simple concepts. If other books about Tantra have been too dense or difficult to understand, this option could be a welcome alternative.

That said, some readers may find the information presented throughout this book too general for an in-depth understanding of tantric ideas and principles.

3. Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

If you’ve ever practiced yoga, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the term kundalini.

This term is often used when referring to chakras, particularly the energy flowing from and throughout the sacral area (near the genitals). This source of energy is often considered feminine and creative.

This book offers an in-depth exploration of kundalini tantric ideas and principles, providing insight into how you can utilize tantric practices to engage your creative side.

Though this book isn’t available in an audio format, it includes several illustrations that you won’t find in other books about Tantra.

If you are a yoga enthusiast interested in merging what you already know with tantra and spirituality, this is a must-buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about tantra and learning it through online courses:


Online courses and instructional books have made it simpler to learn more about yoga, spiritualism, personal growth and tantra than in the past.

Therefore, you should take this opportunity and use the curated courses and recommended books above to improve your understanding and practice of tantra. 

Leave comments or course suggestions you may have below in the comment section to improve on the information and help people access quality tantra information.


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