Top 15 Best Self-Paced Online Math Courses

by Christopher Kenny | Last Updated:   May 15, 2024

Math courses in a physical classroom can be challenging. Taking a math class online can be even more challenging.

Self-paced math courses allow students to take their time with the course by going at their own pace, hence the name (self-paced math courses).

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a course like this such as the quality of the content, practice questions, quality educational videos about the content,etc.

We are going to take a deep dive into several of these courses to see which one is the best. Let’s begin.

Become a Calculus 1 Master by Krista King

calculus maths course by krista king

The first course that I have found after much research is called “Become a Calculus 1 Master” by Krista King.

In this course, students will learn all about differential Calculus. Krista is a true pioneer in the online math world.

She has lots of courses available at various levels. I started with her Calculus 1 course as an example.

In her course, she covers all of the relevant topics in a College Calculus 1 course such as limits and derivatives. What makes her course so great is that she has hundreds of practice problems accompanying the content she covers.

There are 12.5 hours of video content available to students, which is acceptable considering the very focused nature of the content covered.

Krista is excited about the content she teaches. You can tell by her voice level and the excitement in her voice. 

College Algebra & Trigonometry Explained by John Greene

college algebra and trigonometry explained

The next course in this listing that I would like to point out is by John Greene, M.A., and it is titled “College Algebra & Trigonometry Explained.”

In this course, students will learn all about the basics and intermediate algebra (real numbers, equations, etc.).

Further into the course however, they will learn more advanced topics such as matrix algebra.

John has a lot of good quality videos. The one thing that stood out to me is that there are 3500 practice questions available to students who take this course.

There are over 110 hours of videos available for students to watch as they work their way through the course content. John has an engaging voice that makes this content.

College Algebra with the Math Sorcerer

college algebra with the math sorcerer

The next course is titled “College Algebra with the Math Sorcerer” by the Math Sorcerer.

The creator of this course is not known by any other name than the Math Sorcerer.

Something that is really cool about this content creator is he has a backstory that is a fantasy tale related to him being a “Math Sorcerer.”

It really could help keep students engaged in the content they are learning.

This course has 10 hours of video content for students to watch as they work through the material. The Math Sorcerer boasts about all the examples he goes through in his course.

The students will learn all about the basics of Algebra and beyond. More advanced topics include logarithms as an example.

This is a good course if you want to stay engaged in the material taught by a true “math sorcerer.”

Maths Bridging Course by Kerry T.

maths bridging course

The next course is titled “Maths Bridging Course – Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus” by Kerry T.

The really impressive features of this course are the concept maps.

For every unit in the course, there is a visual map that breaks down all the basic topics and shows how each topic relates to another.

These maps are similar to brainstorming charts you may have completed in middle school or high school.

Also, there is over 15 hours of video content to help guide students along as they learn the material.

The other great thing about this course is that it is designed to help students focus on the big ideas of Algebra, Trigonometry, etc.

The course is intended to help students that are heading into college level programs like engineering and science.

It seems like a very focused course that highlights the important topics to help set students up for success.

I highly recommend this course for students who just need to fill in the gaps of their math knowledge.

Advanced Algebra: Strategies for Success by Joe Huston

advanced algebra strategies for success study

This course is great because the title implies that there will be very specific strategies that students will learn to help them tackle the Algebra concepts they will learn.

The students will have access to 7.5 hours of video content to help them work through the course content.

The students will learn basic Algebra concepts such as equations, inequalities, and functions. Joe seems like a really dedicated teacher who is very detailed in his videos.

Calculus 1 Fundamentals: Limits and Derivatives by Tanmay Varshney

calculus 1 fundamentals

The next course is titled “Calculus 1 Fundamentals: Limits and Derivatives by Tanmay Varshney.

This course has a lot of hands -on practice problems, along with lots of video content to help guide students through the content of the course.

The course also has a summary of each unit that will be covered in the course. The very high class rating makes this a good choice for students wanting to take Calculus online.

College Algebra by Victor Rodriguez

introduction to polynomials

The next course actually is split up into four sections and is titled, “College Algebra” by Victor Rodriguez.

The other three sections are easily accessible from the webpage of the first section of the course. You will have to purchase each of the four sections separately.

In this first section, there is over an hour of video content for students to watch so that they can feel supported and guided through the material.

This course section has three worksheets that go along with the course, which are great ways for students to practice the topics they learn. 

College Algebra Explained by Shaun Reilly

college algebra explained

The next course is titled, “College Algebra Explained” by Shaun Reilly.

The very useful aspect of this course is that there is nearly 5 hours of video content available for students to use to help guide them through the course content.

This course also provides students with 61 downloadable resources which include practice problems.

There are at least 20 questions to help students practice each topic taught in the course.

Shaun seems like a very dedicated teacher who cares about students understanding the material he teaches.

Algebra: Elementary to Advanced – Functions & Applications by Joseph W

algebra course by john hopkins university

The next course is titled “Algebra: Elementary to Advanced – Functions & Applications” by Joseph W. Cutrone, PhD from John Hopkins University.

This course builds foundational skills that students need for college-level courses.

The great thing about this course is that it helps students apply the content they are learning in real life. Also, the syllabus of the course gives students an idea of how long each part of the course will take students on average.

Calculus by David Easdown from the University of Sydney

university of sidney calculus course

The next course is titled, “Introduction to Calculus” by David Easdown from the University of Sydney.

The great thing about this course is that it claims to address the most important foundations for applying mathematics.

The course also gives students an idea of how long it will take to complete each unit of the course.

Giving students an idea of how long it takes to complete the units helps students pace themselves as they complete the course.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Algebra by John Swokowski

the ultimate guide to understanding agebra

This course offers 21.5 hours of video content to assist students with topics in the course as they learn the material.

Every topic in this course has a worksheet to help the students practice the processes and content they learn.

Practice is extremely important when taking an online course, especially when the course is made in a self paced format.

I would recommend this course to students who like having plenty of opportunities to practice what they learn as they are learning the subject matter.

Pre-Calculus Video Series by Jesse Patrick

precalculs video lectures

The next course is titled “Pre-Calculus Video Series” by Jesse Patrick.

This course offers 30 hours of video content to help guide students through all the important concepts taught in this course.

Jesse seems very thorough in his explanation of the topics.

There are lots of review problems for students to complete to help them practice the topics they learn in this course.

I would recommend this course to students who like thorough explanations of their online math classes.

Pre-Calculus EVERYTHING Explained by Ariana Morales

precalculus everything explained

The next course is titled “Pre-Calculus EVERYTHING Explained” by Ariana Morales.

This course offers 21 hours of videos to help students learn pre-calculus online. There are exercises at the end of each unit to help students assess their understanding of the material.

Giving students the opportunity to practice is very important when taking math courses online. I recommend this course for students who like quality videos with excellent explanations.

Pre Calculus Mastered by Miran Fattah

pre calculus mastered index

The next course is titled “Pre Calculus Mastered” by Miran Fattah.

A great feature of this course is that there are little quizzes inserted throughout the course curriculum so that students can check their understanding.

This is exceedingly important in a math class like pre-calculus. The topics in this course can be very rigorous, so I am sure that students would appreciate all the practice they can get.

Additionally, there is over 21 hours of on-demand video content for students to assist with learning the material in the course.

I would recommend this course to students who like to frequently check for their understanding of the topics learned in a math course.

See my article on pre-calculus courses for more recommendations.

PreCalculus, Calculus, and Trigonometry by Prateek Porwal

math course bundle

The next course is titled “PreCalculus, Calculus, and Trigonometry” by Prateek Porwal.

This course offers 9.5 hours of video content to assist students as they go through the topics of the course. Visual aids are always a plus when taking an online math course.

Having all three topics in one course (PreCalculus, Calculus, and Trigonometry) is a very good investment in one course.

Students won’t have to spend extra money on individual self paced courses. The value here is one of the main positive aspects of this course.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you have gotten an idea of a few of the online math course offerings with a self paced format, the following section of the article answers some frequently asked questions that are posted by potential students who are interested in pursuing online math courses:


In conclusion, there are a variety of ways to access self-paced online math courses. Anyone can learn math online and improve their math skills with these self paced courses.

It’s just a matter of keeping track of the topics you are learning, doing your online homework and having a good work ethic.

I hope this article helps you decide on whether self paced online math courses are right for you.

I welcome you to leave course suggestions, comments, and reviews in the comment section. I wish you all the best!

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