Top 13 Best Math Courses for High School (Online)

by Christopher Kenny | Last Updated:   April 16, 2024

When it comes to high school math, students sometimes tend to be fearful and evasive when it comes to these courses.

Taking online math courses may trigger some students due to their online school experience during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are a plethora of factors to consider when deciding what online math course to take such as the availability of video content, worksheets, notes slides, etc.

Join me as I dive into several online high school mathematics courses:

Become an Algebra Master By Krista King

become an algebra master online course preview

This course includes over 12 hours of video content to help guide students through the algebra content. Additionally, this course includes nearly 300 downloadable resources and 170 articles.

Having so many downloadable resources will help students practice the topics they learn throughout this course. This course claims to cover both Algebra I and II. Krista is a very organized presenter throughout this course.

Her course preview video is very thorough and detailed. I recommend this course for any student who likes to be organized as they work on their high school math curriculum. 

Learn Algebra the Easy Way By the Organic Chemistry Tutor

learn algebra the easy way by julio gonzales

The Organic Chemistry Tutor has a very popular YouTube channel where he posts videos on other courses besides Algebra.

Actually, I have used his videos to assist with teaching my AP Calculus classes.

He is very knowledgeable and explains the content in an easily comprehensible way. He includes video quizzes in the course modules. I highly recommend this course for students who like clear and thorough explanations when it comes to math.

Algebra I Explained By John Greene

This course includes nearly 70 hours of video content for students to use as they learn the topics of the course.

There are also 63 downloadable resources and 125 articles in this course. Within these downloadable resources, there are over 1000 practice questions. This is great for students to practice the topics and processes they learn in class.

It is very important for students to practice the topics learned in class during a math class.

This is especially true in an online math class. I recommend this course for students who like a lot of video content to learn math topics.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Algebra By John Swokowski

solving proportion in algebra using a calculator

This course contains over 21 hours of video content to guide students through the course material. An excellent feature of this course is that there are 1000 downloadable resources to help students practice the course content as they learn it.

John is really good at motivating students in his videos. He even has a video that students can watch before they start the course that is meant to get students excited about math if they sign up for  his course.

I recommend this course for students who like having a teacher motivate them as they learn the course content.

The Complete Guide to Algebra 2 By Mike O’Halloran

math problems to solve

Mike gives a good overview of the course in the course preview video. He goes through who the course is meant for and even introduces himself in detail to the potential students.

He sets goals at the beginning of each of his videos to make sure that the students know what the ultimate objective is in each lesson they learn.

There are 44 downloadable resources included in this course as well, which helps students practice the content they learn from the course.

I recommend this course for students who like to know what the ultimate goal is for each lesson they learn throughout the course.

Geometry Basics to Advanced By Jackson Kailath

explanation of lines in high school geometry

This course offers 14 hours of video content to guide students through the course. Within the course modules, there are several practice problems to help students practice what they learn as they advance through the course material.

Additionally there is an assessment at the end of the course for the students to see if they have a solid understanding of all the course material. Jackson claims to approach teaching Geometry in a unique way that is different from the classical approach.

I recommend this course to students who need a different point of view to get through a mathematics course. 

High School Geometry EVERYTHING Explained By Ariana Morales

high school teacher teaching a geometry lesson online

This course has over 14 hours of video content to guide students through the course. The course preview video give s a very detailed explanation of every topic that will be covered in the course.

The notable thing about this course is that there are several exercises contained in each course module with explanations.

I recommend this course for students who like detailed and organized explanations in a mathematics course.

Algebra 2 & Trigonometry: A Complete High School Curriculum By Matthew Gromlich

algebraic high school curriculum preview

This algebra and trigonometry course has 16 hours of video content to help with student instruction. Additionally, this course has over 300 pages of quizzes and worksheets with answer keys provided.

This is very impressive because students need as many opportunities to practice as possible, especially when it comes to an online course and advanced algebraic concepts.

There isn’t an instructor right there next to you helping you along as you complete an online course so it is exceedingly important that students get every chance to practice that they can get.

I recommend this class for students who like many opportunities to practice and check their answers.

Algebra 2 Video Series By Jesse Patrick

jesse patrick writing equations on a black board

This course has 34 hours of video content to help guide students through the coursework. Jesse includes a notetaking guide at the beginning of the course to help students create a template for their notetaking.

This is great because students need consistency when taking a math course, especially when it’s online. There are opportunities for review and practice present throughout the course.

Students need plenty of practice when it comes to mathematics and learning algebraic expressions.

Jesse’s video lectures seem very detailed and thorough to accommodate students, so there should be few issues with students not understanding the material.

Become a Trigonometry Ace By Ethan Williams

trigonometry virtual class preview

This course has over 32 hours of video content to assist students with the coursework they are learning. Ethan’s preview does a good job of telling the students not only what the course will cover, but it also discusses when the material will be used.

He talks about mathematical theory and how important Trigonometry is for courses like Calculus. Giving the students the big picture of when they will use this material is really important.

He also includes practice problems and quizzes throughout the course to help the students check for understanding. I recommend this course to anyone interested in applying Trigonometry to their future courses in high school and beyond.

AP Calculus AB By Willmar Herrera

ap calculus ab homeschooling lessons

The course has over 17 hours of video content to help guide students through the course material. Every unit begins with an overview of the resources that will be available to the students for that particular unit.

Because the AP Test could help give students college credit, having as many resources as possible is great for their college success.

In addition to the video content, there are 39 downloadable resources for the students to use for practice and review.

This course also claims to help students with answering AP style questions, which is really important because the wording and mathematical reasoning of AP Calculus questions can be quite cryptic in nature.

I recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn or review AP Calculus. 

Master Geometry: Full Curriculum with Practice By Grant Hall

pythagorean theorem practice

This course has over 7 hours of video content to guide students through the class material at their own pace. Every unit of this course will provide students with practice which is always great when it comes to an online mathematics course.

Grant is a current college math student which is great because he has just recently taken the course he is teaching.

The material is fresh in his mind which would increase the effectiveness of his instruction. I recommend this course to students who need opportunities to practice geometry and triangle relationships as they learn new material. 

Complete Geometry Masterclass: From Basics to Advanced By Donatus Obomighie

geometry masterclass

This course has 14 hours of video content for students to use to guide them through the course material. There are several exercises with solutions contained within every unit of the course, which is always great for students in an online mathematics course.

This course is very thorough.

There are several course modules with lots of content related to Geometry. This is great for students who want to know a lot about Geometry at their own pace.

I recommend this course for students who would like a thorough online Geometry course. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have gotten an idea of a few of the online high school math offerings, the following section of the article answers some of the frequently asked questions that are posed by potential students who are interested in online high school math course offerings.



In conclusion, online math courses have become more prevalent given the pandemic era of education. Anyone can complete an online high school math class.

You just need motivation and drive to get through the courses.

Free math sites like Khan Academy are excellent resources to use to guide a student through their high school math curriculum online.

I hope this article helps you decide on whether taking a high school math class online is a good decision for you.

I welcome you to leave course suggestions, comments, and reviews in the comment section. I wish you all the best!

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