Top 12 Best Graduate Math Courses (Online)

by Christopher Kenny | Last Updated:   June 14, 2024

Taking mathematics courses online can be challenging. Taking a graduate level mathematics course online can be even more challenging.

If the course you are taking is a very niche course, there may be limited options for tutoring and assistance.

There are plenty of factors to consider when selecting an online graduate math course such as quality of content, access to practice questions, quality of video content, etc.

Join me in this article as I take a deep dive into a collection of online graduate mathematics courses.

Topology of Mathematics By AD Chaudry

topology of mathematics course preview

The course has over 7 hours of video content, which is really helpful with graduate level math courses.

Another great thing about this course is that it has plenty of worked through examples for students to look at to assist with their own understanding of this very rigorous content.

I recommend this course for any graduate math student who may be interested in topology.

Advanced Calculus/Real Analysis By The Math Sorcerer

math sorcerer advanced calculus lesson

The Math Sorcerer makes math fun because he never actually reveals his real name. In fact, his bio on the udemy course page tells a story of how the math sorcerer came to be.

I appreciate the humor behind it. This course contains over 7 hours of video content to assist students with understanding the material.

The Math Sorcerer claims that he goes through every proof in detail, which is really important for a course like real analysis.

A complete course on Complex Analysis By Dr. Piyusha Somvanshi

complex analysis equations

This course has over five hours of video content to guide students through this rigorous material. The content of this particular course can be very challenging, so quality videos are important.

I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in the rigor associated with complex analysis. One of the cons of this course is that her voice is hard to understand at times.

A First Course in Abstract Algebra By Math Kishore Reddy

abstract algebra course index

The great thing about this course is that it has downloadable resources that will help students practice the material they learn.

There is also over 5 hours of video content to help students work through this very rigorous course. There are also several worked through examples of the different concepts taught in this course.

The preview of the course breaks down the structure of the course quite nicely. However, his voice is difficult to understand at times.

I recommend this course to students who like to see worked through examples prior to working on problems on their own.

Mathematical Theory of Complex Calculus By Emanuele Pesaresi

complex calculus theory teacher's notes

Much like the majority of the courses reviewed in this article, Emanuele’s course has videos for students to watch to help get them through the material.

He has provided over 5 hours of video lectures in this course. The preview for this course is great because Emanuele outlines exactly what will be covered in the course.

In the preview video, he also provides a list of prerequisite knowledge students must have prior to taking his course, which is great.

Students need to know whether or not they are ready for a hard course like this one. 

Graph Theory By Miran Fattah

graph theory course overview

One of the noteworthy aspects of this course is that he includes quizzes in between the topics that are taught.

A small thing that I noticed is that the requirements needed for this course are basic addition and subtraction knowledge.

This is encouraging for potential students who are interested in this course. I recommend this course for a student who possibly hasn’t taken a mathematics elective course yet.

Introduction to Complex Analysis By Dr. Petra Bonfert-Taylor

complex analysis course on coursera

This course has well over 14 hours of video content for students to use to help guide them through this difficult course.

There are quizzes embedded in the course modules for students to complete. Additionally, there are electronically graded homework assignments.

This is a great opportunity for students to practice what they have learned as they progress through this course.

This course gives the approximate amount of time it will take to complete, which will help potential students see if they are able to take this difficult course.

Combinatorics (University Level): Counting Principles By Math and Science Academy

Combinatorics (University Level) : Counting Principles

This academy has a whole collection of courses. This course offers over 5 hours of video content to guide students through this topic.

The instructor of this course seems really dedicated and enthusiastic about this topic based on the preview video.

He does a great job of outlining all the topics that will be covered in the course. I recommend this course as a great mathematics elective course.

Analytic Combinatorics by Robert Sedgewick

princeton analytics combinatorics course

This course is offered by Princeton University. The course offers flexible deadlines, and the site gives you an approximate number of hours to complete which is helpful for potential students.

There are exercises and quizzes included throughout the course to help students check their understanding.

This course also seems to relate to computer science which would be a good extension for graduate mathematics students to help them become more well-rounded.

Partial Differential Equations By Chaitali Badarayan

teaching partial differential equations

This course offers 3 hours of on demand video content. The content of this course is an extension of Calculus III content.

It will help solidify a student’s understanding of basic and partial differential equations. I recommend this course to graduate math students who are interested in further investigating the topic of differential equations.

Integral Calculus and Numerical Analysis by James Bird and Jane Wall

calculus and numerical analysis for data science

This course gives an approximate length of time it will take students to complete this course, which is beneficial for students who may not have a lot of spare time to complete a math course.

Another great aspect of this course is the number of quizzes embedded in the course modules. Students checking for their own understanding of the material they are trying to learn is always advantageous.

I recommend this course for graduate math students interested in eventually pursuing more courses in data science.

Welcome to Game Theory By Michihiro Kandori

game theory on coursera

This course is offered by the University of Toledo. There is an estimate for the amount of time it will take to complete the course (approximately 21 hours).

This is great for potential students so that they can have an idea of how this course will affect their schedule. There are also quizzes embedded in the course modules which is great for students to practice the content they learn in the class.

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In conclusion, there are so many options for online graduate level mathematics courses.

Any motivated mathematics student with a good work ethic can pursue these rigorous courses online.

I hope this article helps you decide whether you are ready to take an online graduate level mathematics course.

I welcome you to leave course suggestions, comments, and reviews in the comment section. I wish you all the best!

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Are those courses above graduate level classes to supplement 3 missing classes to teach at the college level. Have a master’s in math education and need 3 that don’t have the word “teaching ” after them. Thanks for any help.