10 Trigonometry Courses Online

by Christopher Kenny | Last Updated:   June 14, 2024

Trigonometry is an important gateway course to upper level mathematics courses such as Calculus.

In fact, trigonometry is expected to be second nature in a Calculus class.

The amazing thing about trigonometry is that it all stems from one geometric figure; the right triangle.

It is no secret that there are lots of online classes that focus specifically on trigonometry.

So, join me as I dive into a few online trigonometry courses online:

Become a Trigonometry and PreCalculus Master By Krista King

trigonometry and precalculus notes in krista king's online course

I have mentioned Krista’s courses in other articles, and there is a reason why. Her courses are the gold standard in online mathematics education.

Krista includes more than just trigonometry in this class hence why she includes precalculus in the course title.

Her course includes over 14 hours of video content. Krista also gives students access to workbooks that contain hundreds of problems to help students practice what they are learning.

Practice problems are incredibly important for students to make sure that students are understanding the content they are learning.

Krista’s upbeat personality in her videos makes this course an engaging one. I recommend this course to any trigonometry students.

Trigonometry-The Unit Circle, Angles, & Right Triangles By The Organic Chemistry Tutor

trigonometry unit circle lesson

This course includes nearly 20 hours of video content to help students get through the course material. I will tell you that I have used The Organic Chemistry Tutor’s videos in my own classes to help get familiar with advanced mathematics topics.

He is a very talented explainer, and he draws very detailed and thorough pictures and diagrams.

I recommend this course to students who like to look at detailed pictures or diagrams when they are learning mathematics concepts.  One of the best online trigonometry courses out there.

Become a Trigonometry Ace By Ethan Williams

soh cah toa lecture

His course preview video is very detailed and well organized which is important for potential students.

This course also includes over 32 hours of video content to guide students through the related coursework.

Furthermore, this course gives students access to 60 downloadable resources, which include practice problems and trigonometric equations. 

Trigonometry: Your Complete Guide By Brian McLogan

standard form angle trig lesson

Brian includes 8 hours of video footage for students to use as they progress through the course content. The answers to all of these practice problems are included as well.

Brian also includes worksheets with over 200 practice problems to help students practice the processes being taught.

He also includes small quizzes dispersed throughout the course to help students check for understanding. Brian seems to genuinely care about clearly explaining the definitions and topics he teaches in his course.

I recommend this course to students who like to work through practice problems to get good at the processes taught in math classes.

Trigonometry Explained By John Greene

sinus and cosinus triangle explained

John includes 22 hours of video content to help guide students through the course material.

He also has included over 500 practice questions to help students practice the mathematical processes they learn throughout the course.

John’s course seems to be a pretty comprehensive exploration of Trigonometry.

I recommend this course to students who like to work through practice problems and like courses that are comprehensive in nature.

Trigonometry By Khan Academy

right triangle trigonometry problem on khan academy's course page

I have discussed Khan Academy in pretty much every single article I have written, and there is a reason why. Khan Academy focuses on mastery learning.

So, if you start a series of questions and get at least one wrong, you will need to start the series of questions all over again.

This will continue until you get every question correct. This really helps students gain great practice which will lead to a firm grasp of the material in the long run.

I can’t praise this site enough for its innovation and interactive exercises to learn trigonometric functions. I recommend this course to any trigonometry  student. The site is truly amazing.

The Complete Guide to Trigonometry By Mike O’Halloran

adjacent and hypotenuse parts of a triangle class

Mike has recorded nearly 11 hours of video content. Video content is great for any math student to help them get through the material.

This is especially helpful with trigonometry because the concepts like inverse trigonometric functions can be tricky at times. I recommend this course for students who find video footage. 

Trigonometry 1 & 2 By the Math Sorcerer

acute vs right angle trigonometry

I included both courses in the same paragraph because they go hand in hand and are both by the same author. The fun thing about the Math Sorcerer is that he does not identify his true identity on the course page.

He has a fun story about how the Math Sorcerer came to be. This is a really brilliant way to engage students from the get go.

Additionally, he offers a total of 13 hours of video content across both courses, which is a great way to guide students through the sine and cosine functions, trigonometric expressions and more.

I recommend this course to students who want to have fun with trigonometry while learning it.

Master Pre Calculus and Trigonometry By Grant Hall

master pre-calculus course

Grant includes over 9 hours of video content to help students get through the coursework.

Grant has included quizzes embedded into the course modules, which is a great way for students to check for understanding as they go through the course.

Any opportunity a student has to check if they understand the core concepts of the course is great.

I recommend this course for students who like plenty of opportunities to check for understanding pre-calculus and trig functions.

Dave’s Short Trig Course By David E. Joyce

dave's short trig course table of content

Dave has done a great job with outlining all of the topics of the course. There is no video content, but what Dave lacks in video content, he makes up for in his written notes.

Toward the end of the course, Dave does a good job of summarizing the concepts he covers in his course.

I recommend this online college trigonometry class to students who like reading notes rather than watching someone read/cover them.

Recommended Books

Now that we have covered several courses that cover trigonometry, let’s take a look at a couple of books that work as great supplementals to a trigonometry course.

The Humongous Book of Trigonometry Problems By W. Michael Kelley

The great thing about this book is that it includes 750 problems with detailed solutions across multiple trigonometry topics.

I love that there are so many problems included in this book because if there’s one thing that helps solidify your understanding of trigonometry, it’s practice and lots of it.

There are even notes included in the margins periodically to remind the reader of important steps or offer tips to get through certain problems and trigonometric identities. 

Trigonometry Essentials Practice Workbook with Answers By Chris McMullen

The book has a lot of practice problems with detailed solutions for students to check for their understanding.

Additionally, this book as a lot of explanations to help guide students as they work on the practice problems and learn trigonometric functions.

This is yet another great book to help students become more adept at trigonometry.

Essential Trigonometry: A Self-Teaching Guide By Tim Hill

This book has a “no-nonsense” approach to going over trigonometry.

There are clear and concise explanations throughout the book.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes straightforward explanations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have gotten an idea of a few of the online high school math offerings and some useful books to use as supplementals to a trigonometry course, the following section of the article answers some of the frequently asked questions that are posed by potential students who are interested in online trigonometry course offerings.



In conclusion, online trigonometry classes are prevalent on many different websites.

Anyone with enough motivation can complete an online trigonometry course.

I hope this article helps you decide whether taking online trigonometry courses is right for you.

I welcome you to leave course suggestions, comments, and reviews in the comment section. I wish you all the best!

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