Top 12 Best Resin Art Classes (Online)

by Eva Cardoso | Last Updated:   June 14, 2024

If you are looking for a new creative outlet, look no further than epoxy resin art.

Resin is a unique chemical compound and one of the most versatile art supplies. With proper guidance, you will be busy creating a masterpiece in no time. 

Read on to discover the 12 best online resin art classes you can access from the comfort of your own home. 

Resin Geode Basics: How to Create Sparkling Geode ArtWorks By Deby Coles

resin geodes basics by deby coles

Udemy designed this resin art class with quasi-beginners in mind, people who have at least a small amount of resin art experience.

When you finish the class, you will be able to create geode-inspired resin art. 

By taking this class, you can avoid all the pitfalls and common mistakes you might make on your own when trying out resin art, and buying resin and geode material is rather pricey.

You do not want to waste it.

The class includes:

Design and Build a Resin Lamp By Piergiorgio Robino

resin art instructor making a lamp

This Domestika resin art class teaches you all about the versatility of epoxy resin and several skills like coloring, molding, and casting.

By the end, you will be able to make your very own durable, lightweight-resin lamp. 

Resin artist Piergiorgio Robino is famous for making functional appliances that double as show-stopping works of art.

Piergiorgio will show you specific techniques so you can expertly color your resin, cast it, and mold it to shape. 

Robino also walks you through preparing your workspace and provides an overview of essential safety equipment and necessary materials. 

Piergiorgio shares his priceless knowledge about how to correctly pour resin, how to mix it, what molds you should use, and different resin coloring methods. 

Resin Art Zen Disk Project By Kellie Chasse

Resin art disk by kellie chasse

Skillshare offers this step-by-step beginner course where students learn how to create a Zen art piece using an aluminum disk, epoxy resin, and other mediums. 

Meditation, balance, and calm are the characteristics of Zen art.

Making them with epoxy resin is a great way to produce a quality, one-of-a-kind diy resin masterpiece.

This course will teach you the techniques necessary to make a Zen disk project, including how to mix the resin and add pigments to your epoxy. 

The instructor, Kellie Chasse, is with you every step of the way as she details her tips and tricks for making these breathtaking home decor pieces.

This course is best for beginners and intermediate students. The right equipment, patience, and an open mind are all you need to create your own unique resin abstract painting.

Resin Art Beginner to Intermediate Course By Sheri Vegas

resin art study and workshop setup

Whether you have never worked with resin before or not, the seven-session masterclass from ClassBento is one of the best resin art classes on the internet. 

The course contains seven pre-recorded classes where a professional resin artist will impart expert knowledge and easy-to-follow instructions.

You can avoid costly novice mistakes and foster a new creative skill with ease. 

The seven modules in this beginners guide cover everything you could want to know.

The main topics are safety procedures, equipment needs, resin types, pour types, color pigments, creating cells, fluid painting and double layering.

You’ll learn how the chemical reaction takes place to understand proper timing.

With the pre-recorded lessons, you can pause, rewind, fast forward, and watch modules multiple times if you need to.

Seri Vegas is the instructor for this course. 

She is an Australia-based abstract artist known for her resin work. Seri Vegas is a notable YouTube artist with a large following who also teaches resin art workshops around the globe. 

Resin and Alcohol Ink Art Basics: Make Coasters and Artworks By Deby Coles

resin and alcohol ink art

Resin and Alcohol is the second Udemy course found in our best resin art classes list, but instead of resin geodes, you will learn how to make 3d art using epoxy resin and alcohol ink.

You will create small pieces before graduating to larger, more ornate ones.

You do not need any previous resin experience to take this class, and even if you are a beginner, you can learn how to experiment with colors and work with new art materials.

You will also learn to work with swirls, blooming inks, and glitter. 

You can make a lot with these techniques.

From buttons, to paperweights, pendants, and coasters. When you create these unique treasures, you can find yourself hypnotized as the alcohol ink reacts with the resin to form eye-catching details and shapes. 

You will learn all the basics you need and with time these skills will inspire you to create your resin artworks and paint palettes.

As a bonus, this class includes helpful information on how to earn additional income by selling your resin art prints. 

Resin Learning Package – Geode Resin Art By Agnes Rup

geode resin art project

All you need is the right introduction to Geode resin art, and this AGA Art Studio class is a great way to learn about resin and online resin art classes. 

This is another course that offers beginners a chance to make stunning geode resin art.

Once you have completed the basics, you will move on to the moderate to advanced class and learn more sophisticated techniques, like how to achieve an elegant white and gold geode. 

The class is headed up by famous artist Agnes Rup, a successful resin geode artist.

It is easy to follow along with her as she teaches and you can pause, rewind, or fast forward her presentation at will. 

Agnes will show you a hands-on method of pouring resin, all while imparting the resin related skills secrets and techniques that make her bold, surprising designs a reality. 

Using the techniques you’ll learn in this course, you can create larger pieces like resin tables.

Resin Sculpting and Casting Techniques By Cynthia Thornton

resin sculpting techniques by Cynthia Thornton

This Craftsy online class is not the best course for anyone just starting on their epoxy resin journey, it’s more geared towards resin sculpting.

If that’s something you are interested in, you may want to see our sculpting classes selection.

The instructor is Cynthia Thornton, who studied 3-D illustration and fine art at the Columbus College of Art and Design. 

She is a master of mixed media designs using materials like metal clay, polymer clay, and epoxy resin.

Thornton provides thorough instructions as she guides you through each sculpting step until your masterpiece is complete. 

Once your polymer is set, you can replicate them using a colorful epoxy resin mold.

Cynthia provides tips on how to get smooth resin results every time and teaches you how to enhance your art with metallic finishes and custom dyes. 

The class consists of 7 sessions that last a total of 2 hours and 44 minutes. You receive on-demand access 24/7, access to class Q&A, and bonus downloadable PDF resources. 

Create a Resin Geode by Katie Krell

resin geode course project details

This Skillshare class will teach you how to create not one, not two, but three different resin artworks that mimic natural agate and geode.

The instructor for this class is Katie Krell, a graphic designer at Imagebridge Design with a BA in Graphic Design from Winona State University. 

Krell details the exact process for creating resin geodes and breaks her instruction down into 3 distinct skill levels. 

By the end of the class, you can discover how to add your flair to the designs using 3D elements and crystal cutouts.

Align the way, Katie will go over liquid resin basics, her preferred color additives, and tips on how to replicate a natural look with a high gloss shine easily. 

Beginners will learn the basics and steadily integrate more knowledge as the class continues, while intermediate to advanced students might learn how to use new techniques or get a refreshing perspective on resin painting. 

Learn How to Make Resin Jewelry By Katherine Swift (The Resin University)

resin jewelry

Does making your jewelry seem intimidating? It doesn’t have to be!

You can make beautiful resin jewelry of your own to give out as gifts or even sell with a little practice and the right techniques. 

Katherine Swift instructs students through resin art classes online through her website Resin University.

Katherine has been making diy resin jewelry for over a decade and her goal is to teach you all about uv resin jewelry making and help you avoid wasting your time and money. 

Swift is a bestselling Amazon author who has published books on creating and selling resin jewelry.

She teaches more than just epoxy resin design, offering insights into professional resin sales to help you make the most out of your beautiful pieces. 

Sunflowers in Glass and Resin  By Agnes Friedlander

studying resin to make a sunflower with glass and epoxy

Artist Agnes Friedlander offers many different online resin art classes on her website. In this one, she guides you through creating sunflower artwork applying resin and glass.

These charming, elegant pieces will fill you with confidence and pride once you have created one of your very own. 

As one of Agnes’ online students, you will get a downloadable PDF guide with pre-recorded videos, supply lists, and live step-by-step demonstrations that cover 3 different sunflower resin art pieces.

From these 3 sunflower templates, you will learn techniques that help you design your home decor creations from scratch. 

Agnes broadcasts her live content through Facebook and you have to join a private Facebook page to access it.

This page also includes a community of your fellow online students where you can chat, share your experience, and find support or ask questions. 

The Resin Table Online Course By Zoe Pocock (Muck N Brass)

resin table example

Just4YouOnline was created by two sisters from the UK who wanted a place to sell their resin art and has since expanded to include an international customer base.

On their site, they feature different in-person and online classes that teach users how to make their resin artwork. 

This resin table project is instructed by the founder of the London-based Muck N Brass, Zoe Pocock.

Zoe guides you through every step and instructs you on what materials you need to create your very own encapsulated resin table. 

You can embed all types of things in resin like dried flowers, jewellery or anything that comes to mind to create these intricate pieces.

With this class, you get unlimited access and can work at your own pace without feeling rushed.

You have your login to access the content at any time and you can also view online tutorials, workbooks, and product suggestions as needed. 

Terrazzo Techniques for Resin Furniture Making By Olivia Aspinall

course teacher showing a resin furniture

Olivia teaches you how to make your own furniture using terrazzo techniques and eco-resin in this online course.

Learn how to make a one-of-a-kind side table from scratch that will add color and pattern to any room. Chip and cast your way to a terrazzo collection of your own!

Olivia Aspinall, a surface and product designer, employs the Terrazzo method to create hand-cast surfaces and objects.

making a vase out of resin process

She has created both functional and decorative products for companies such as Google, Pinterest, and Cancer Research through her self-titled studio.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you still have questions or concerns about online resin art classes, you will find a list of FAQs below to provide a bit of extra information. 

Resin Art Resources

Before You Go

Now that you know about the best resin art classes to try online, you are one step closer to designing and creating a multitude of beautiful resin artwork in your very own home. 

If you try one (or more) of these online classes, be sure to come back and tell us all about your journey.

Or, if you know of any other worthwhile resin art classesto get started, share your suggestions in the comments below. 

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