Top 11 Best Mosaic Classes (Online)

by Eva Cardoso | Last Updated:   April 16, 2024

Though it is a time-old tradition in the art world, people are still interested in learning how to make mosaics!

One of the best ways to do it is through an online course in the comfort of your own home. We have compiled a list of the top 11 online mosaic courses to help you learn or hone your skills. 

Beginners Mosaic: Indirect Method By Silvie Jacobi & Joe Moss (London School of Mosaic)

Indirect Method Online Course

This class on the online education site Udemy is taught by Silvie Jacobi and Joe Moss. Jacobi is the Director of the London School of Mosaic and has collaborated with the school since 2007.

Moss is a Creative Producer at the London School of Mosaic and has worked internationally on art projects. 

Beginners Mosaic: Indirect Method is a perfect class for beginner mosaic workers. The course includes 33 lectures that add up to about two and a half hours of instruction. 

Students will learn how to produce mosaics using the indirect method, a brief history of the art form, the basics of andamento, and how to correctly source materials for a mosaic artwork. 

Introduction to Mosaic Artwork By Gary Dostle

gary drostle mosaic instructor

Learn to make mosaic art with this beginner-friendly course from the online education website Domestika! Renowned mosaic artist Gary Dostle instructs students through preparing, designing, composing, and grouting their mosaic projects. 

This course contains about four hours of instructional information across 19 mosaic making lessons. There are 11 exercises, a final course project to make a beautiful koi pond mosaic table, and eight other downloads for supplemental learning. 

It is one of the best deals for beginner classes online when you take into account the price and amount of instruction available.

indirect method for mosaic process

Previous students gave 100 percent positive reviews on this course. If you have the Domestika app, you can take the lessons on the go, and it runs online at your pace. 

Make Unique Mosaics for Fun, Decorating, and Profit By KT Caselli

modern mosaic art

Created by KT Caselli, a professional instructor with 20 years of creative art experience, this class is perfect for beginners ready to make durable mosaics! No experience is necessary for this class. 

Students learn to make durable mosaics, prepare the tesserae, cut stained glass and tile, use glue to secure, and accurately use grout to finish.

It includes 90 minutes of on-demand videos and seven downloadable resources available after purchase.

The value is excellent due to these resources and the unlimited lifetime access to them you receive upon registration.

The average rating from past students for this Udemy course is 4.5 stars out of 5. Overall, they say the instructor is knowledgeable on the topic, and the class is easy to follow and understand. 

Beginner Glass Mosaics: Create a Picture Frame By Laura Staudacher

glass mosaic class project

If you want a class that has a focused final project and is short, this might be the class for you! The main goal of this course is to provide beginners with the tools and instruction necessary to make a picture frame using stained glass mosaics at the end. 

Taught by professional instructor Laura Staudacher, this course is completed in only 24 minutes of instruction but is full of valuable tips and tricks for mosaics.

It is a hands-on project for beginners that previous students have rated as meeting or exceeding their expectations.

According to reviews from students of this course, 100 percent say the curriculum met or exceeded their expectations!

Many students appreciate that the instructor is succinct in delivering relevant tips and ways to avoid common pitfalls of mosaics. 

SPACE INVASION! – Glass Tile Mosaic for Beginners: Direct Method By Clay Burch

space invader mosaic tiles street art

If you like extraterrestrials and mosaics, this beginner class is for you! Learn to make a mosaic tile from glass using the direct method with Clay Burch, a master of mosaics.

The instructions are clear, and the supply list is succinct. 

Previous students liked this class because it is a short but informative course with only 11 minutes of instructional time.

Plus, at the end of the instruction, you have a cute piece of art to display! 

Of all students who gave reviews, 80 percent said the course met or exceeded their expectations.

Mosaic Arts Online Course Catalog (Various Instructors)

mosaic arts online courses

Mosaic Arts Online is a one-stop-shop for mosaic learners and professionals alike! There are a few free classes available, but many are paid online courses.

Do not let its free nature deter you from signing up, you can learn valuable mosaic skills in any course. 

Class options include Intro to Mosaic Art, Design and Drawing for Mosaics, How to Cut Materials for Mosaic Art, and many more. 

Learn from the professionals in the online courses from Mosaic Arts Online! The entire catalog consists of over 100 classes (unlimited access video lectures) with various professional american mosaic artists and various types of mosaic art. 

Kasia Mosaics Online Classes By Kasia Polkowska

mosaic art

The online mosaic making classes with Kasia Mosaics are perfect for beginners because they are thorough, and there are three classes with varying intensity levels.

Kasia Polkowska teaches the classes. Polkowska is a stained glass mosaic teacher with over a decade of experience! 

Students in these classes will learn how to cut and shape glass, arrange and fit the glass into the composition, the taping method, and how to glue and grout indoor mosaic art. 

mosaic cutting tools

Previous students say these classes are easy to follow and full of helpful tips to help you reach the best product possible. 

The Chicago Mosaic School ( Various Instructors)

chicago mosaic school internet workshops

With 10 extensive mosaic classes to choose from you will likely not get bored when learning with the professionals at The Chicago Mosaic School!

Classes include drawing basics for mosaics, glass cutting workshops, an introduction to mosaic techniques, and a mosaic jewelry class!

The Chicago Mosaic School is the first and only not-for-profit mosaic school in America, and you can learn from them all you need to know to create beautiful mosaic pieces.

You can select your preferred teacher and schedule for online classes, so you know you will get the most personalized version possible. 

A unique upside of signing up with the Chicago Mosaic School is that you can sign up for more classes taught by the same instructor for continuity in your learning. 

Abstract Mosaics: Learn Fine Arts By Yulia Hanansan

abstract mosaic lesson

Learn Fine Arts is an online database full of fine arts classes! The abstract mosaics course is perfect for mosaic artists looking to upgrade their skills.

Students learn how to use color and tone to create an abstract masterpiece. 

The information from this class is available to you with unlimited lifetime access with purchase. You also receive a 30-minute studio session with instructor Yulia Hanansan via Zoom with your purchase.

The Zoom session with Yulia is perfect for those who need all their questions answered to get the best result on the class project possible! 

A unique feature of buying a class from Learn Fine Arts is that you can pay in two installments or all at once.

The payment structure is a far more flexible payment option than others online for those who prefer to pay in installments. 

The Modern History of Mosaic By Tessa Hunkin

mosaic by gaudi in park guell, barcelona

In this mosaic course, you will learn about the history of mosaics from the 1890s to the 1990s. This course is developed by mosaics expert Tessa Hunkin and taught by Sylvie Jacobi, the Director at the London School of Mosaics.

The Modern History of Mosaic is a course for anyone who wants to learn more about the history of the artform to enhance their projects.

The extensive class is accessible to anyone, including beginning level mosaic artists.

Over about four and a half hours of coursework, you will learn about the history of mosaics and how to identify various types of mosaic art across time.  

In all student reviews, this course received either 4 or 5 stars. It is accessible on mobile and television mediums, and many students enjoy how the instructor teaches the material. It is a history class but is not boring and irrelevant to making mosaics.  

Sparkling Jewel Mosaic Mirror: Green Tea Design Course with Kit By Zetamari Mosaics

mosaic mirror class

The best part about this class is that there is a final project you can hang on your wall! The gorgeous sparkling jewel mosaic mirror is perfect to show off in your home!

Students in this online class learn how to make a mirror complete with flawless grouting. 

Angie Heinrich teaches this course. Heinrich is the owner of Zetamari Mosaics and has been creating mosaic work since 2001. It is self-paced, and you can receive a refund if you are unhappy with the course within 30 days of purchase. The best part is that Zetameri ships all mosaic making materials to you!

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This list of our top 11 best online mosaic classes is a great way to dip your toe into the world of mosaics at your own pace.

Sign up for the class that best fits your needs and what you would like to learn, then never stop learning! 

Take advantage of these online opportunities that you can complete on your schedule.

They are available for an excellent value, and you can catch deals now and then on each site that will give you even more bang for your buck.

Start experimenting and jump into the wonderful world of mosaics!

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