Top 12 Best Balloon Decorating Classes (Online)

by Lizbeth Ortega | Last Updated:   June 14, 2024

Sure, anyone can blow up a few balloons and tie them together in a bunch to sell. Several people do just that. And others buy them. 

However, did you know there are many more creative things you can do with balloons than blowing them up and placing them together? 

In this article, discover the top 12 best online balloon decorating classes to learn tips, tricks, and expert guidance on making the most out of balloon decorating that will wow your customers.

Here is a list of the top 12 best balloon decorating courses available online to help you create a one-of-a-kind balloon decorating business that others would love to visit:

1. Easy to Learn Basic Balloon Decorating for Parties & Events by Peter J. Smith

balloon arch decoration for an event

A beginner course that offers easy-to-follow instructions for creating fabulous one-of-a-kind balloon decor, sure to impress others with your newly learned skills.

This best-selling course is rated 4.3 by students for a good reason. 

In this course, get comfortable with balloons and learn how to create professional balloon decorations with confidence.

Discover the difference between helium and air-filled balloons, and learn basic techniques to create stunning balloon displays perfect for any occasion, such as birthday parties, weddings, and baby showers.

For this course, you will need a bag of latex balloons that are 10 to 12 inches wide, a bag of 5-inch round balloons, and a pump to create masterpieces, such as balloon bouquets, arches, and gorgeous balloon displays.

This course is perfect for beginners looking to take their balloon decorating skills to the next level and maybe start their own business. The possibilities are endless when you discover new balloon decorating skills.

2. Balloon Art and Design by Yoseph Naim

balloon decoration composition

Learn how to decorate a room for any event with Balloon Art and Design. This best-loved course is rated 4.7 by students who are thrilled with the results.

Create unique designs out of balloons sure to help make every event more colorful and extra special.

Acquire the skills necessary to start a side job in balloon decorating or use your newly-learned skills as a hobby to create balloon designs and decorations for upcoming parties and events.

For this course, you will need a pack of balloons, your two hands, and a balloon pump to get started on your journey of balloon decorating.

Create a classic balloon decor with fabulous designs and balloon drops that everyone is sure to love.

This course is the perfect class for beginners just starting on the journey of balloon design. Learn new skills in balloon art that are sure to wow others.

3. Balloon Art for Beginners by Yoseph Naim

balloon animals

Unleash the creativity from within with this beginner’s class of balloon art. Rated 4.8 by students, this is a popular course in balloon decorating.

Discover the skill of balloon twisting and learn the skills necessary to create basic balloon designs and balloon figures, such as hearts, animals, and shapes. Learn how to become the life of the party with your newly acquired balloon decorating skills.

For this course, you will need balloons and a balloon pump. Make some extra money by being the cool clown in the room, sure to be invited to every party around.

This course is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about cool things you can do with balloons, whether you want to add to your home decorations, cater a birthday party, or start up a small balloon sculptures business.

4. How to Start Your Own Balloon Business by Alexander Ushakov

balloon decor at a wedding reception

This course is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about cool things you can do with balloons.

Learn how to create a balloon business with the acquired skills of becoming a successful entrepreneur. This course is rated a 4.3 by students. 

Discover everything there is to know about owning your own balloon business from start to finish with this course.

Learn about the equipment needed to start your business, balloon types, balloon sculptures and design, fishing line, smaller ballons and bigger sized ballons, clear balloons…

You will enjoy the easy-learning style for a successful balloon business.

This program is English, so you must fully understand the language to benefit from this course. Starting up your balloon decorating business is sure to be a simple process after taking this exceptional course.

5. Balloon Classes Limited Free Trial Course by Ben & Billy from the Balloon Training Institutes

demo from billy at balloon classes online

Billy and Ben from Balloon Classes Online offer plenty of balloon decorating courses online in their dedicated balloon education website.

With over 350 classes under their belt, they are becoming pros at teaching students worldwide. Their business in a box concept will appeal to those looking to start their own business.

New skills taught in this hour-long free video include the proper way to inflate balloons, making balloon decorations with actual hands on training, centerpieces, and much more.

Ideal for people just starting out on their journey with balloon decorating, this class is super easy to follow and will not disappoint. Best of all, it is free.

In this hour-long class, learn balloon tricks and tips from experts with several years of balloon professional knowledge on the subject of balloons.

6. Learn Balloon Decorating Online Classes Advanced Videos by Ben & Billy

advanced video course bundle by balloon training institute

A holiday-themed bundle, this online course offers a lifetime warranty of support for its students.

Join others who have already subscribed to this course to create unique holiday designs sure to impress your friends and neighbors.

Jam-packed with balloon decoration ideas and fun things to do with your balloons, this bundle includes backdrops, photo frames, puffed hearts for Valentine’s Day or wedding decor, Christmas decor, and gorgeous balloon arches.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about the art of balloon decorating and sprucing up their home for the holidays or holiday-themed parties.

A fun course to take with family members during the holidays.

7. Balloon Art Online’s Courses (Various Instructors)

Balloon Decoration Course Bundle with Guido Verhoef

This balloon decorating course offers a collection of downloads from the art of balloon twisting, tutorials, and decorating themes for beginner to advanced learners.

There’s something new for everyone who watches these knowledgeable tutorials.

Taught by some of the most advanced balloon artists in the world, Balloon Art Online features a choice of bundles from elaborate wedding balloon designs, Easter fun balloon designs, and festive summer balloon designs that are sure to turn heads in your direction.

This online course is perfect for balloon professionals looking to advance their knowledge of balloon decorating skills, whether you are looking to spruce up your home for the holidays, host a party, or open your own balloon decorating business.

8. Twisting Balloon Sculptures – An Introductory Course by Dan Cutchen

twisting a balloon by hand

Have fun while learning to create animals and sculptures out of twisting balloons. This unique program is a creative and fun way to make extra money or start up a new balloon decorating business. 

This online course teaches you to make fun balloon designs using plain balloons, learn the technique of joke-telling, and how to create humorous scripts that are sure to have your customers in stitches.

For this online course, you will need to buy sculpting balloons beforehand. 

This program is perfect for anyone with a basic knowledge of balloon sculpting who wants to learn more about the process and perhaps open a balloon business.

9. Hands-on Balloon Decorating Training in Tampa, Florida by Linda C. Kiss 

hands on training on balloon decorations

This class is not an online class. However, it is a 4-day balloon decorating seminar in Tampa, Florida, and set in the Holiday Inn conference room.

Learn the art of balloon decorating from one of the most talented teachers, a veteran, and an award winner, Linda C. Kiss.

Discover an easy way to create floor balloon designs, arches, wall displays, balloon canopies, and sculptures. 

This 4-day-seminar on balloon decorating also comes with a lifetime supply of mentorship.

So, if you are in Tampa, Florida, or would like to book a visit for the seminar, this is a worthwhile course to take to teach you all the skills you need to start your balloon decorating business.

10. How To Make an Epic Balloon Garland by Alex & Mario from WeBalloonz

epic balloon garland class project

Ballons are the party trend that is all the rage today. The possibilities of balloon designs are endless.

In this online course, discover how to build a ballon base, design a garland of balloons with big and small balloons, work with colors, add accent foil balloons, and find wholesalers and suppliers for your business material.

This program is the ultimate balloon decorating course for anyone looking to perfect the art of balloon decorating and create endless one-of-a-kind balloon designs that are sure to impress everyone who sees your unique designs.

Great for a baby shower, wedding, birthday party or any other kind of events.

11. How to Price Your Balloon Art Workshop by Alex & Mario from WeBalloonz

latex balloon garland

This program is the ultimate balloon decorating course for anyone looking to perfect the art of balloon decorating and create endless one-of-a-kind balloon designs.

Strategic pricing for your balloon business is a crucial element to consider when starting up a successful business.

Some artists set their pricing too low and fail to make a reasonable profit. In this online course, discover the trick to pricing your products, how to charge clients for your valuable time, the right products to sell, deal with competition, and more.

This course is beneficial to anyone considering starting up their own balloon design company. Learn the ins and outs of running a profitable business that will ensure you get paid for all your hard work.

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Taking a balloon decorating class opens up endless possibilities for starting up your own balloon decorating business.

Whether you are interested in finding new balloon decoration ideas, learning more about the art of ballon design, arrangements, how to create backdrops or arches, or making funny animals and catering to kids’ parities.

There’s an online course for everything you’re interested in learning more about.

I hope we’ve given you some good alternatives in balloon decorating courses to consider.

If you have any additional courses worth mentioning, please leave your suggestions in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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