The 11 Best Figma Courses (Online)

by Louise White | Last Updated:   June 14, 2024

If you are a designer looking to enhance your skills or are curious about web design, this article will give you excellent knowledge.

Here you will discover the ten best online Figma courses, the platforms you can find them in, and how they differ.  

Figma is a design software comparable to Adobe, and these courses will provide valuable information from start to finish.

From beginner to advanced, there is a Figma course for everyone. 

1. Master Figma: From Beginner to Pro

master figma course content

The Ultimate Figma Course contains the most comprehensive lesson plan around.

This complete course will teach you how to build amazing things in Figma. For absolute beginners — with hands-on exercises.

It surpasses other courses by offering a comprehensive bundle that includes quickstart UI libraries and templates and instructs you step-by-step on how to properly design anything you desire, all in entirely doable bite-sized and stress-free bits.

You will obtain a professional certificate of completion once you complete the course, which will help your career for many years to come (PDF and LinkedIn options).

2. The Complete Figma Course: Designing Mobile & Web App UI/UX

The Complete Figma Course – Designing Mobile & Web App UI/UX

Learn how to create beautiful designs for the web or desktop.

The course is the best choice for new and experienced designers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or anyone interested in learning graphic design or creating apps.

If you are unsure where to begin, this course will be a great start as you utilize new skills at your fingertips.

This mobile and web design course is a highly rated, 4.6-star course, with over 2,000 reviews. The course also has over 7,000 enrolled students. 

The Complete Figma Course contains three main sections: Figma, designing a mobile mockup, and mockup design for a web app.

You will get an overview of Figma, figure out how to sign up, and learn basic software information. Explore how to create shapes, frames, drawing tools, and import Sketch files. 

While designing a mobile mockup, you will:

Lastly, you will learn how to design mockups for a web app, including:

Enjoy six and a half hours of video on demand, six articles, nine resources to download, and the ability to access the course on your phone or television through an app.

In addition, there are 11 sections and 82 lectures, which will leave you feeling confident and prepared for the journey ahead. One of the best online courses out there on figma.

 3. Learn Figma: UI/UX Design Essential Training course

ux training figma preview

With this Figma course, you will design appealing and engaging content. The training course is excellent for beginners or designers who want to hone new skills.

So many well-known and top global companies like Nasdaq and NetApp know and trust this 4.5-star course, with over 11,000 ratings and 43,000 enrolled students.

This course is for User Interface and User Experience designers, web and graphic designers, or those interested in a new career path. While it can be for beginners, knowing computer basics is essential. 

At the end of the Design Essential Training course, you will be a professional at:

This course includes seven sections and 47 lectures and will take around six and a half hours to finish.

You will learn user interface design, constraints, and components with various design elements. Working with others as a team is a considerable course benefit.

Overall, you will receive three and a half hours of video-on-demand, three resources to download, and the ability to access the course through your phone or television through an app. 

4. Learn Figma: User Interface Design Essentials-UI/UX Design 

figma essentials skillshare lesson preview

This best-selling Figma course will help develop your interface design skills without the need for previous experience.

The User Interface Design course has a 4.6-star rating, with over 12,000 enrolled students.

Here you will learn to become a User Interface and User Experience designer, design an app from scratch, and gain expertise from the best cross-platform software.

In addition, you will also learn the following programs: Photoshop, Behance, Dribble, Vectary, and InVision Studio.

You’ll learn crucial design principles, such as typography, iconography, composition, and spacing.

The User Interface Design course will help you:

This course provides over ten hours and 130 lectures, covering a wealth of information.

The Learn Figma User Interface Design Essentials course can be a great option, especially for those getting started in a new field. 

The two most significant incentives for choosing this course are receiving two new User Interface kits worth over $3,000 and a 200-page ebook priced at around $200.

In addition, become an expert while creating your portfolio. Overall, this is an excellent choice for your buck. 

5. Figma UI UX Design Essentials

figma design essentials course bundle preview

This Design Essentials course will cover everything you need to know from designing eye-catching User Interfaces and expectations for future clients. 

The course has over 6,500 enrolled students, and over 70% of students say this course exceeded their expectations. 

This course includes:

The design course can be beneficial for people just getting started in their careers. Here you can find 111 lessons and 11 and a half hours of content. 

You will also be collaborating with others and finishing assignments by the instructor.

Upon finishing, you will better understand what’s to come, inside industry knowledge, and be comfortable managing future projects.

6. Create High-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma

Create High-Fidelity Designs and Prototypes in Figma course dashboard

The high-fidelity course is the fifth course in line with the Google User Experience design program and will provide you with valuable skills needed for future design endeavors. In this course, you can start as a beginner and learn new skills along the way. 

The Create High-Fidelity Designs course has over a million views and is taught by one of the top instructors at Google.

Over 58,000 people have enrolled, and it currently has a rating of 4.8 stars.

Each week provides a syllabus breakdown of what to expect and what you will learn from this Figma course. 

You will turn designs into interactive prototypes while conducting research and gathering feedback. 

During this course, you will:

Aside from Figma, you will gain skills in:

Understanding how the design process works are essential for those who haven’t completed prior relevant courses.

Additionally, knowledge of creating low-fidelity designs in the Figma software and on paper will be valuable. 

Overall, it will take about 39 hours to complete this course, with flexible deadlines working at your own pace.

Get ready to share your designs like a professional with development teams, and show off your portfolio with pride. 

7. Get Started with Figma Beginner Course

get started with figma beginner course

This course is a guided project, and multiple people can work on the duplicate files simultaneously. Learn about storyboards and design briefs while gaining website knowledge with ease.

Soon, you will be able to develop your web page or homepage by using an app. 

The Get Started with Figma course is rated 4.4 stars, takes an hour and a half to complete, is perfect for beginners, and you will learn how to use Figma’s main features.

Collaborating alongside your team will be beneficial.

Your instructor will guide you with every step, as a video will pop up as a split-screen with no need to download, as your workspace will work as a cloud desktop. 

The instructor will walk you through:

Skills you will use in this course include:

It’s important to note that the course will only work on a desktop computer. You will learn how to create a homepage or web page for your personalized app at the end of this course.

8. Web Design with Figma: Building Striking Compositions 

web design with figma course homepage

Learn how to elevate your designs by utilizing critical principles from this best-selling Figma course.

This Figma course has almost 5,000 enrolled students with 100% of positive reviews on Domestika. There are over 20 lessons available in several languages.

The lessons are also available on an app with lifetime access.

The Web Design with Figma course is excellent for beginners, as experience is not required. Aside from having a Figma account, the only thing needed is paper or a pad to sketch. So if you like drawing, this course may be for you. 

You will learn the following from his course:

Every project contains video slides, instructions, downloads, and resources. The duration is just over two and a half hours.

You can learn independently, share ideas, and watch high-quality videos. Visually, this course aims to produce the best learning experience. 

9. Introduction to Figma

introduction to figma

Learn to use one of the best, versatile prototyping tools from start to finish. This course on Domestika has over a thousand students with a 100% rating. 

Introduction to Figma has very efficient tools used for prototyping and is a tremendous online beginner course for web development.

This course provides six classes, 53 lessons, 13 downloads, and 54 exercises. The process will take around seven hours to complete.

The Figma course can be viewed through an app for your convenience. You’ll get lifetime access.

Here is a course breakdown:

Learn at your own pace online with this top-rated Figma course. It’s important to point out that the audio is in Spanish but can translate into English or other languages. Either way, English subtitles can be provided. 

10. Figma Essential Training: The Basics

figma essentials basics training

Learn Figma features, how to make new files, and segment projects on multiple devices and screens. You will also add content such as images, text, effects, and drawings.

The instructor emphasizes not working harder but smarter while organizing Figma in layers and saving formatting you can reuse later. 

At the end of this Figma course, you will add interactions to build prototypes as you design with clients and collaborators. 

This course is available on Linkedin, has a rating of 4.8 stars by over a thousand students, and will take around an hour and a half to complete. 

The Figma Essential Training course is for beginners and people at an intermediate level and is around an hour and a half long. 

Here is the course outline, which includes: 

You will receive one exercise file and can view it on an app through your phone or tablet device. So learn on the go, at your own pace, and be prepared to show off your skills. 

11. Figma for UX Design 

linkedin learning figma for ux design

Figma for User Experience Design is another course provided on Linkedin, and If you already use Figma but need a refresher, this course is for you. 

This top Figma course has enrolled over 1,000 students and is rated 4.7 stars. All designers, even beginners, can benefit from taking this course, which takes under an hour to complete.

The Figma for UX Design training course will provide a step-by-step learning process with the help of the instructor.

You will learn how to create Figma projects, distinguish between desktop and online software versions of the program, and design files.

In addition, learn what the instructor calls the hero section while covering prototyping and interactions.

The Figma for User Experience design course entails:

There is a one-course file, and it includes three quizzes to take. Learn from your tablet or smartphone with lifetime access. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about the best Figma course? Here are the best questions and answers about Figma to help you decide if the software is right for you.


If you were on the fence finding the best Figma online courses, we’ve provided the top ten options for you to consider.

Different teaching styles and techniques make learning fun, accessible, and easier with new technology. 

Please leave your comments, further course suggestions from reputed online learning websites, or reviews in the comments section.

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