Top 15 Best Ethereum Developer Courses (Online)

by Jeremy Vargas | Last Updated:   May 15, 2024

Blockchain developers are high in demand and will continue to rise as businesses learn about the benefits of adopting blockchain technology.

The PwC predicts that by 2030, the blockchain will affect 40 million jobs and have a global economic impact of $1746.5 billion by 2030.

The global impact and influence of the blockchain make learning about the blockchain important. The Ethereum blockchain is one of the more popular platforms, so there is always a demand for Ethereum developers.

Aspiring Ethereum developers need to obtain a solid foundation of Ethereum and create smart contracts in the Solidity programming language.

Luckily, the internet has many courses to help future Ethereum developers understand, learn, and deploy projects on the blockchain network.

So, with that, here are the 15 outstanding ETH development courses to guide you on your way to becoming a developer for the blockchain:

We’ve highlighted 15 of the best Ethereum courses for highly-motivated Ethereum developers.

These courses accept people with skills-levels ranging from people starting from scratch and those with prior experience in a programming language. 

Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide

ethereum solidity developer guide

First on the list of the best Ethereum developer courses is Udemy’s Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer’s Guide.

The Ethereum and Solidity course teaches students the reason behind dApps on Ethereum, how smart contracts work, the smart contract creation and deployment process, and an in-depth understanding of the potential and mechanism of Ethereum, the solidity language, and blockchain platforms.

This course requires a little over 24-hours to complete, and it has nine sections with a total of 266 lectures.

Although the program is for Ethereum developer beginners, they ask that students have basic knowledge of Javascript and NPM.

After finishing the course, students receive a certificate of completion and lifetime access to the course’s contents. In addition, many top-rated companies enroll their employees in this course. 

Instructor: Stephen Grider, Engineering Architect 

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Javascript and NPM; Mac, PC, or Linux 

Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp with Solidity

blockchain developer bootcamp with solidity

This course teaches students the many components of the Ethereum blockchain, like Solidity, smart contracts, development with Truffle, and blockchain technology needed to become an Ethereum developer. 

The course requires about 13 hours, and it has 13 sections with a total of 142 lectures. The course requires a basic understanding of web technologies and recommends students have some knowledge of a programming language.

After finishing the course, students receive a certificate of completion and lifetime access to the content.

Udemy’s Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp with Solidity is an excellent opportunity for aspiring developers, technologists, freelancers, developers, and professionals to acquire the complete skill set needed as an Ethereum developer or update their resume. 

Instructor: Ravinder Deol, Cryptocurrency & No-Code Teacher

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of web technologies; Mac, PC, or Linux; experience with a programming language (recommended)  

Blockchain for Business: The New Industrial Revolution

blockchain for business tutorial

Blockchain for Business: The New Industrial Revolution is an introductory course for business-focused individuals and businesses to understand the complexities of Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. 

The course’s leading focus is the potential of the blockchain in the financial, consumer, and food industry sectors.

In the course, students learn the fundamentals of Web 3.0, a realistic understanding of blockchain technology in businesses, and how the blockchain currently is and will disrupt the way of work in leading-tech companies and other sectors.

Instructor: 365 Careers

Prerequisites: None

Create your first DApp for Web 3.0 – A Concise Tutorial Using Ethereum

tutorial about how to create a dAPP for Web3.0

Provided by Skillshare, Create your first DApp for Web 3.0 – A Concise Tutorial Using Ethereum is a complete how-to guide on setting up a stable dApps project to deploy on the Ethereum blockchain.

Skillshare provides many courses in different disciplines, like animation, design, illustration, and programming. The program is a simple starting resource for creating and testing your first token on Ethereum through an Ethereum test net.

This course is hands-on and has students deploy locally and through the Ropsten global test network so they can create a smart contract without using real cryptocurrency. 

While it’s exciting building your first dApp, consider this an introductory course to familiarize yourself with smart contracts since this course does not discuss Ethereum tools and all the possibilities of smart contracts. 

Instructor: Dr. Mohammad Nauman, Ph.D. Computer Science; Postdoc Software Systems

Prerequisites: None

Ethereum Developer Training On-Demand

ethereum developer training introduction

Ethereum Developer Training on Demand is a course for beginner and intermediate programmers to write smart contracts with applications that interact with them.

Students have one-year access to this self-paced course that, after completion, prepares them to take the Certified Blockchain Developer Ethereum (CBDE) exam issued by Blockchain Training Alliance.

This course is an excellent choice for people to begin working with Ethereum, learn Solidarity, understand blockchain technology, or advance their solidarity coding skills.

Students must have basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML. 

Although not required, they also recommend basic C++, Java, data type, git repository, and solidarity knowledge to start developing blockchain applications.

This course helps students fully comprehend the structures of Ethereum and blockchain technologies.

Additionally, it provides further understanding of Ethereum functioning, software-based wallets, IPFS, security, private network / public networks, Ethereum for NFT and more using Ethereum tools.

Instructor: Kris Bennet, Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML; Mac, PC, or Linux  

Master Ethereum & Solidity Programming From Scratch

master ethereum and solidity programming from scratch

Another notable course, Master Ethereum & Solidity Programming from Scratch, is for students with basic knowledge of a programming language and blockchain technology.

The course is project-based, with the course content requiring a little over nine hours to complete. 

In the course, students strengthen their understanding of the Solidity programming language, the Ethereum blockchain, and the InterPlanetary File System (IFPS).

Additionally, students will create and deploy a lottery smart contract, the auction smart contract, the CrowdFunding smart contract, and run an Initial Coin Offer (ICO)

Instructor: Andrei Dumitrescu, DevOps Engineer & Crystal Mind Academy 

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of a programming language and blockchain technology; Mac, PC, or Linux 

Blockchain Revolution Specialization

blockchain revolution specialization by business school

The Blockchain Revolution Specialization is a four-part course to learn the basics of blockchain technology and its effect on traditional business models and the financial sector.

Throughout the course, students develop a project that, in the last course, turns into a deliverable Blockchain Opportunity Analysis.

The purpose of a Blockchain Opportunity Analysis is for students to identify a problem in their chosen industry and examine ways to solve the issue with blockchain technology.

This course doesn’t require any prior experience or knowledge of Web 3.0 concepts. 

The course is suitable for individuals interested in evaluating the potential of a blockchain application in the context of their industry. 

Instructor: Don Tapscott, adjunct professor & Alex Tapscott, instructor

Prerequisites: None

Blockchain Bootcamp

caltech blockchain bootcamp

The Blockchain Bootcamp course by the science and engineering technology institute, CalTech, teaches students to build, create, and deploy smart contracts on the blockchain.

Additionally, the course provides lessons in Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, and more. 

CalTech’s course is for aspiring Ethereum, smart contract, and blockchain developers with a bachelor’s degree.

Although the institute mentions that eligible graduates must have 50% or higher scores with basic programming experience, individuals without programming experience can apply to the program. 

At the end of Caltech’s six-month course, the students receive a Caltech CTME boot camp certificate.

With a certificate, career support, and project creations that companies use to assess an applicant’s skills. 

Instructor: Caltech & Rick Hefner, Caltech program director

Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree, basic programming knowledge

The Blockchain Developer Program On-demand

blockchain developer program on demand

The blockchain developer program on-demand is a paced course provided by ConsenSys Academy.

The course offers all the developer tools and information needed to understand Ethereum and develop the blockchain.

This course is great for experienced programmers with a year or more experience.

The Academy recommends that students be familiar with JavaScript, HTML, and Git programming languages.

The course is available for one year after purchase, and it contains various video lectures, reading materials, and access to the ConsenSys Academy Forums.  

Graduates of the blockchain developer program on-demand work at leading tech companies like the international business machines corporation (IBM), Chegg, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Instructor: ConsenSys Academy

Prerequisites: Object-Oriented Programmer; familiarity in Javascript, HTML, and Git

Ethereum Training: Hands-on Ethereum Development Bootcamp

learning tree eth developer bootcamp

This is a hands-on Ethereum course for experienced programmers interested in writing smart contracts and building applications on the blockchain. In the course, students learn the basics of the Ethereum ecosystem,

The Ethereum programming language: Solidity, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Application Programming Interface (API,) and full deployment of a project on the Ethereum mainnet.

Students should be comfortable navigating a terminal, using the command line, and understand other programming languages like Go, node.js, JavaScript, and Python.

After completing the course, students can receive a certification for their Ethereum developer skills with the CBDE.

This hands-on Ethereum development boot camp by Learning Tree International should effectively prepare students to obtain, should they desire, their CBDE.  

Instructor: Learning Tree International

Prerequisites: Comfortability with basic code elements and languages

Become a Blockchain Developer

udacity blockchain developer course

Made by Udacity, the Nanodegree Program is a four-month blockchain developer course for students to create their blockchains on the Ethereum platform using tools, Solidity, and smart contracts.

The course consists of the basics of the blockchain, smart contracts, tokens, dApps, advanced blockchain architecture, and concepts.

Udacity, the creator of the nano degree program, explains that the purpose of the course is to provide skills needed to create, develop, and deploy decentralized apps.

The Nanodegree program is not for beginners or those with basic programming knowledge.

To succeed in the program, They recommend that students have at least one year’s experience in object-oriented programming.

Additionally, students should have experience developing web apps with JavaScript programming language using node.js.

Other recommendations from the program developers are knowing how to build a server, using the client-server model, and using data from remote API.

Although these are just recommendations, before enrolling, it’s best to acquire these skills with other courses on computer science, JavaScript, Python, and web development.

The nano degree program is tailored depending on the student’s schedule, uses real-world projects, and provides a GitHub and LinkedIn profile.

After completing the four-month course, students should be well-equipped to enter the web 3.0 developer workforce.

Instructor: Udacity


Blockchain Specialization by the State University of New York

blockchain specialization by the state university of new york

The State University of New York offers an online blockchain specialization software development program.

The program covers four lessons on the Ethereum blockchain to prepare students to program on the blockchain.

The four lessons of the blockchain specialization course are learning the fundamental concepts of Ethereum, skills to design and deploy smart contracts, ways to develop decentralized apps, and current states of specific blockchains frameworks.

This course uses an applied learning project, meaning students actively deploy an instance, make peer-to-peer transactions, develop and test smart contracts, and understand and create code for a solution for dApps.

Students that have completed the blockchain specialization program receive a certificate to help in their career as an Ethereum developer.

Instructor: Bina Ramamurthy, Computer Science and Engineer Department teaching professor at the University of Buffalo


Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application Online Short Course by MIT

mit blockchain technologies short course

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management offers a blockchain technology course with a specific focus on helping industry leaders and managers.

The purpose of the course is to help business leaders understand the influence of the blockchain on businesses.

From this six-week course, business leaders come to understand blockchain technology and decentralized economic systems to implement blockchain into their business.

Additionally, after successful completion of the course, students receive a certificate from MIT Sloan.

Instructor: Christian Catalini, MIT professor

Prerequisites: None

Blockchain Fundamentals by the University of California Berkeley

berkeley blockchain fundamentals

Blockchain fundamentals is a course provided by the University of California Berkeley. In the course, students learn about Ethereum, Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency.

Additionally, blockchain fundamentals teach students how to build decentralized apps. 

The course is open to anyone looking to learn blockchain fundamentals, and it requires about three months to complete.

Blockchain fundamentals is a reliable course for looking to build a solid understanding of the blockchain to guide them on their next steps in the blockchain industry.  

Instructors: Nadir Akhtar, Rustie Lin, and Mengyi (Gloria) Wang

Prerequisites: None

Ethereum: Decentralized Application Design & Development

Decentralized application design and development course syllabus

The Ethereum: Decentralized Application Design & Development teaches students to develop decentralized applications that are ERC20 compliant

Additionally, students learn to use Ethereum tools, shut up driving to blockchain networks, understand how the Ethereum blockchain works, and develop front-end user interfaces for decentralized applications. 

This course is for students who have heard of Bitcoin and have experience with JavaScript, Java, or Node.js.

Moreover, students should have a basic understanding of JavaScript DOM models and basic design patterns.

This course requires a little over 11 hours to complete its ten sections and 101 lectures. After finishing the course, students receive a certificate and have lifetime access to the course materials. 

Instructors: Rajeev Sakhuja, Information Technology consultant

Prerequisites: experience with JavaScript, Java, or Node.js; basic understanding of Javascript DOM model, and basic knowledge of design patterns

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some common questions regarding ethereum developer courses:

Now It’s Time to Begin Your Career as an Ethereum Developer!

Hopefully, with our list of the 15 best Ethereum developer courses and tutorials online to learn ethereum, you’ve found one that offers the skills you’re looking to develop and matches your computer programming level and budget. 

When starting, one of the most important things is to learn the fundamentals of Ethereum.

With the fundamentals, you will understand how Ethereum elements and tools fit and work together.

I selected the best courses about ETH blockchain development that I know of for this article, do you know of any other Ethereum developer courses we haven’t listed here?

Feel free to drop a comment below!

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