Top 16 Best Crypto Day Trading Courses (Online)

by Jeremy Vargas | Last Updated:   July 11, 2024

With news outlets declaring that most millennial billionaires own crypto and that more and more people are investing in it, you’re undoubtedly motivated to try your hand at crypto day trading. 

However, given the cryptocurrency market’s volatile nature, you’ve likely also heard people caution about losing millions of dollars on day trading.

While it’s true that you can lose big money on crypto trading, the opportunity for massive gains is also high.

So, we’ll cover 17 of the best crypto day trading courses to help you get on the track to what will hopefully be a lucrative part or full-time income.

1. Cryptocurrency Fundamentals: Buy, Sell, Trade Cryptocurrency

cryptocurrency fundamentals buy sell trade

In his bestseller Cryptocurrency Fundamentals course, George Levy has helped nearly 10,000 students become crypto traders.

And you don’t have to commit a lot of time to learn the basics of trading crypto—less than two hours watching this course is all it’ll take.

Admittedly, it takes more than two hours to learn how to day trade cryptocurrency.

However, George breaks down crypto trading vocabulary like what are initial coin offerings, market cap, proof of stake, etc…

You will learn steps, and strategies in an easy-to-understand format, making it easier for you to build from as you continue studying day trading.

By the time you finish this course, you’ll understand the tools you’ll need for day trading cryptocurrency, how to deposit money, and tips for setting up your trade.

Levy also offers a free PDF document covering essential information in the video. Furthermore, Levy updates his course on occasion, which is critical in the fast-moving crypto world.

This is one of the top cryptocurrency trading courses if you want to quickly learn the basics and start your own investment portfolio.

2. Crypto Trading 101: Buy Sell Trade Cryptocurrency for Profit

crypto trading 101

If you’re unfamiliar with crypto and stock day trading, this 101 course is an excellent option to orient yourself.

Day and swing trader Luca Moschini will teach you the basic trading skills like candlestick chart readings, using moving averages, and knowing how to use position size.

Furthermore, you’ll learn the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Doing so will help you identify and understand essential trading details like volume surge, breakout patterns, and consolidation points.

Although Moschini cautions that day trading is usually an advanced skill, he offers a detailed guide on the basics for beginners.

We love this course because it 100% focuses on cryptocurrency day trading.

Other online courses often talk about stocks and options trading, which uses the same strategies, but can feel confusing to a newbie entering the trading world.

3. Stock Trading & Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Trading Technical Analysis: Beginner to Pro 

bitcoin trading technical analysis course 101

If you’re looking for in-depth classes from successful technical analysis and trading coaches, Kundai Dzawo’s crypto trading course is an excellent fit.

Dzawo breaks down the basics of crypto trading in easy-to-understand pieces throughout 34 lessons that total nearly 7.5 hours of lessons.

We recommend taking notes as you go through the class because you’ll learn how to set up and use TradingView to design your day trades.

You’ll also learn about different candle setups, including the Dogi, Harami, and Bearish Engulfing Candles.

Time frames are another crucial topic Dzawo covers and, as an aspiring day trader, the lower timeframe will be your main objective.

Moving averages and the all-too-famous golden crossover and death cross in crypto are other topics you’ll learn about.

You can also download the included trading guide with this bitcoin trading course to help you follow along as you go.

4. Cryptocurrency Trading: Technical Analysis Masterclass

cryptocurrency trading masterclass

If 72 lectures containing valuable crypto day trading tools and strategies sound up your alley, you’ll love this masterclass to improve your trading skills.

Unlike the online courses we’ve discussed up to this point, this course is a collective force created by the Wealthy Foundation.

To participate in this masterclass, you’ll need to set up the following free cryptocurrency trading accounts: TradingView, Cryptocurrency Wallets, and Crypto Trading Accounts. 

However, you don’t need a prior background in cryptocurrency or trading to follow this course.

But by the time you finish it, you’ll sound like a pro as you talk with your friends about Fibonacci, how to identify support and resistance, and trading head and shoulders.

Unlike some crypto courses that try to feed you the coins you should day trade, Wealthy Foundation gives you the tools to identify your coins.

And given the fast-paced nature of cryptocurrency, this is highly beneficial. lifetime access included.

5. Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading + Top 5 Robots

algorithmic trading top robots for crypto course

Here’s something you may not know if you’re new to crypto trading—you can have robots (bots) do the heavy work of trading for you.

But first, this Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading course will teach you five tried and tested strategies for manual trading.

You can then use what you learn to configure your bots accordingly. One of the most significant benefits of bots is that it takes the emotion out of trading, so you stick with whatever plan you laid out.

By signing up for this course, you’ll gain access to five free trading bots.

Petko Aleksandrov will then teach you how to automate them, helping you day trade crypto as you sleep while earning passive income.

Since crypto market conditions are constantly changing, Aleksandrov will also give you strategies for determining what parameters are best for various situations.

Overall, this is an excellent course if you’re looking for a mostly hands-off approach to crypto day trading.

6. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

princeton university bitcoin technology course

Coursera’s Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course isn’t a day trading lesson per se.

However, it’s a crucial course to include in conjunction with other courses on this list, given that Princeton University’s Arvind Narayanan walks you through the basics of Bitcoin and crypto.

In this free online course, you’ll spend approximately 23 hours learning how Bitcoin works, anonymity in the crypto space, and whether cryptocurrencies will become regulated. 

While this Coursera course primarily focuses on bitcoin, Arvind offers four videos on altcoins and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. Simultaneously, you’ll learn how altcoins interact with the “king” of crypto—Bitcoin.

By the time you finish this course, you’ll be among over 650,000 students who have a more in-depth understanding of how cryptocurrency works.

And with this knowledge, you’ll undoubtedly become a more successful day trader.

7. Cryptocurrency Trading From Scratch

cryptocurrency trading from scratch

Cryptocurrency Trading From Scratch is just what it sounds like—an opportunity to learn crypto day trading from the ground up.

Professional poker player and full-time crypto trader Dustin G. offers cutting-edge insight on trading throughout 15 videos.

You’ll learn how to use must-know technical analysis indicators and how to optimize each one according to the market.

Furthermore, Dustin G. will give you tips for learning swing trading, how to analyze chart volume and catch fake, trap-like volumes. 

While no one can predict the market, you’ll learn about the market cycle and items to watch out for so that you can make an educated guess about whether crypto is turning bullish or bearish.

You don’t need any skills or register for any accounts in advance to complete this course. All that’s required is an open mind, a desire to learn, and a willingness to understand risk management strategies, which will be vital to preventing massive losses.

8. 5 Day Crypto Trading Course

5 days crypto day trading course

If you love the structure of a step-by-step course, you’ll appreciate that the 5 Day Crypto Trading Course gives you daily lessons that’ll help you become a crypto day trader.

But here’s the good news if you have a full plate of commitments—the entire five-day course will take you fewer than three hours.

We recommend setting up a crypto exchange as instructor Alex Winkler walks you through it, as you’ll need one to perform your first trade.

Winkler will also encourage you to start a Trade Journal. Here, you’ll record every trade you make and learn how doing so can help you become a consistently more successful day trader in the future.

If you’re interested in other trading opportunities aside from day trading, you’ll appreciate that Winkler touches on diversifying your portfolio for long-term crypto holds, getting into ICOs, and taking advantage of Airdrops.

9. The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course

cryptocurrency investment course

Thanks to Mohsen Hassan and the Bloom Team’s outstanding day trading teachings, over 35,000 students have signed up for The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course .

Even companies like Nasdaq and Eventbrite have used this course for their employees.

You’ll start by learning about cryptocurrency fundamentals and the different types of crypto you can day trade.

Then, you’ll watch live examples of the trading process, how to buy and transfer your crypto.

All of this leads to the meat of this course, which is learning technical analysis for your day trades. Trendlines, liquidity, channels, candlesticks, and chart patterns are some of the many topics you’ll learn about.

Finally, you’ll get a feel for the difference between active investing (day trading) and passive investing (long-term holds).

Investment diversity is crucial, so you might get inspired to day trade while also keeping some coins of NFT (see my NFT Courses article) for the longer term.

10. Cryptocurrency Trading Bootcamp: Mastering Bitcoin

crypto trading bootcamp

Cryptocurrency Trading Bootcamp is one of the most well-rounded courses for people looking to get into cryptocurrency day trading. It’ll equip you with technical analysis skills to help you achieve many successful trades.

Best of all, if you sign up and have a trading question, Wealthy Education will respond to you within 24 hours.

If you’re unhappy with the quality of the material for whatever reason, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If you ever need to return to a section of the course to remember how engulfing candlesticks work or refresh on wedges and triangles, you’ll have access to this course—and any updates—for life.

Like many day trading crypto courses, you’ll need a TradingView account, which you can sign up for free. That way, you’ll be able to practice the technical analysis skills they teach.

11. Trade X Master Class (Day Trading, Bitcoin, Scalping, Crypto)

tradex masterclass

The new but highly rated Trade X Master Class is among the top day trading courses for people without any background in trading cryptocurrencies.

For the past five years, Armia Ahmadi has been successfully trading crypto and created his course to help others do the same.

The 2+ hour class will take you through the basics of technical analysis without overwhelming you with too many strategies.

Instead, you’ll learn essentials like Ichimoku Cloud, Fibonacci, resistance, and support. 

If you feel tempted to use leverage with your day trades, watching this master class is a must.

Ahmadi will give you the low-down on how it can help you earn even more money while also warning you how it can get you in trouble if you mismanage a digital currency leveraged trade.

You can apply the strategies that Ahmadi teaches you to any cryptocurrency, and he promises to let you in on trading secrets that will save you both time and money.

12. The Ultimate Trading Course Profitable Crypto Trader

profitable crypto trading lesson homepage

Alex Winkler offers yet another crypto course that’s an excellent fit for beginner day traders. He’ll show you his favorite trading programs and will teach you in real-time how he sets up his trades.

You’ll start by getting your burning questions answered, such as how much money you need to invest to be a day trader and what kind of trading morning routine you should develop.

You’ll also have the opportunity to sign up for Winkler’s online community and learn how to set up a watchlist for coins you’re interested in trading.

Bounces are a crucial part of catching day trades. So, you’ll gain insight on identifying breakdown and support line bounces, among others.

By following Winkler’s advice, he says you’ll have the opportunity to consistently become profitable as a trader.

But to do so, you’ll need to ensure you follow his seven trading commandments.

13. Real Trade (Day Trading, Futures Trading, Scalping, and More)

bitcoin trade support and resistance

If you’re looking for a low-cost way to learn how to read cryptocurrency charts for day trading, Real Trade is a great option.

The nearly 4.5-hour course cuts right to the chase, teaching you about candles, price action, and pull back.

You’ll also gain insight on applying Fibonacci, analyzing a moving average indicator, and using Ichimoku. If you’re weighing whether to short or long a day trade, you’ll get great information here to create your own trading strategy as well.

The course also includes information on scoping out head and neck patterns, which are one of the most widely talked about patterns in crypto trading.

You’ll also learn about risk management since you never want to open a trade with your entire day trading capital.

As a word of caution, Real Trade isn’t an ideal course if you know nothing about cryptocurrency. That’s because understanding the crypto market is a vital aspect of successful day trading a digital currency.

14. Trade Cryptocurrency With Cryptohopper, 3Commas, TradingView

cryptocurrency trade with automated robots

If you’re thinking about signing up for a bot software, this course run by Thomais Way is one of the best cryptocurrency trading courses you can purchase.

During his 4.5-hour lesson, he discusses two popular bot programs—Cryptohopper and 3Commas.

You’ll learn the benefits of each program and how to automate your bots so that they day (and night) trade cryptocurrency using your defined trading strategy. 

Just as importantly, you’ll discover how advanced algorithm trading can help you elevate potential gains with the help of TradingView.

While Way will give you his recommended bot setups, he’ll empower you to do technical analysis and find an arrangement that works best for you.

Day trading digital currencies no longer has to be as time-consuming and hands-on, thanks to bots. So, this is a great cryptocurrency course for people wanting a passive income.

15. FastLane Traders

fast lane traders course preview

FastLane Traders has one goal, and that’s to get you “filthy rich” by day trading crypto. Unlike most of the courses here, which cater to beginner traders, beginners and advanced day traders alike can benefit from this course.

You’ll gain valuable insight on how to enter and exit trades at ideal times. Furthermore, FastLane Traders will give you tips for picking a low-risk trade that can still give you high profits.

They do this by teaching you to read crypto charts and zeroing in on fast trades. In addition, they’ll help you increase your chances of locking in profits even if the market is on a downward trend, thanks to their core profit strategy.

And if this all seems too good to be true, you can try their 7-day free trial to see how it works. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

16. Bulls on Crypto Street

bulls on crypto street trading kit

Bulls on Crypto Street is a unique online course kit that’ll give you the low-down on what cryptocurrency is and how you can trade it.

While they focus on large-cap coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the reality is that you can apply their trading strategies to your day trades on any crypto coin.

In addition to their video mini-series, you’ll also have access to their Discord trading room.

The trading room is a unique opportunity to mingle with other crypto day traders to discuss and exchange strategies. You’ll also have the ability to use Kunal trade alerts.

With access to an experienced crypto trading community, on-chain metric analysis, and recommended tools and exchanges, you can feel confident moving into your crypto day trading endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about cryptocurrency trading courses? If so, read on for our answers to some of the most common inquiries.


A small investment into an online crypto day trading course can make all the difference in how successful you become.

Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or let bots do the work for you, there are cryptocurrency courses for everyone.

Which of these best crypto day trading courses interests you most? Have you tried out any courses that we didn’t include on this list?

Leave a comment with your suggestions, reviews, and feedback so that we can learn from each other.

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