Top 10 Candle Making Classes (Online)

by Holly Brown | Last Updated:   April 15, 2024

Candle making is a tradition that goes as far back as Ancient Rome. Today, anyone can make candles from wax, soy, and other materials.

Whether you aspire to perfect your aromatherapy routine or want to enjoy creating a collection, candle-making is a fantastic option.

Now more than ever, candle creation is also a lucrative business idea. You could read about opening a small business in a book, but the Internet contains many resources to jumpstart your dream.

Across online mediums like Udemy and Skillshare as well as independant websites, virtual learning options are abundant.

They detail how to create candles for a business, as gifts, or just for yourself.

Let’s look at ten of the best choices online, what they offer, and how they outshine the competition.

How to Make Candles – Candle Making for Beginners by Shona O’Connor

candles made during shona c connor's online course

Do you want to learn how to make candles, but don’t know where to start? This Udemy beginner course is an excellent pick.

Demonstrator Shona O’Connor teaches students about wax types, scents, and how to embed essential oils in candles. In the end, learners have the skills to create crafts for themselves and others for any occasion. 

This is a beginner course and does not require any previous experience to enjoy. Students must provide the equipment, and essential oil mixing knowledge is helpful.

How to Make Candles is a three-hour video course that includes extra articles and resources. Udemy classes are not free, but for a price, you can enjoy the material forever.

Students who listen to the entire course earn a certificate of completion. This course is only available with English audio and subtitles.

Aromatherapy Candle Making by Alysson Correia

aromatherapy candles

Taught by Alysson Correia, Aromatherapy Candle Making focuses on creating the proper implements for scent-based healing.

The class teaches anyone how to make eco-friendly therapeutics, including mixing the ideal essential oils as a base. No prior experience is necessary, as Aromatherapy Candle Making is a beginner course.

This course also teaches students to save money while shopping and making candles. Avoiding mistakes is a great way to reduce the upfront costs of crafting. 

For a price, anyone with an Internet connection can enjoy all 3.5 hours of on-demand video for this course.

Aromatherapy Candle Making comes with seven additional resources. The class is available on the go or streamed to your home TV.

After completing the class, students earn a certificate verifying their mastery of beginner therapeutic candle making. 

This course only features English audio and auto-generated captions.

Fabulous Candle Making for All – Level 1 by The Academy of Ancient Magik

decorative candles

Fabulous Candle Making for All is the first part in a candle-making classes series by The Academy of Ancient Magik.

The course covers the basics of working with soy and beeswax, how to use candle-making equipment, and other helpful information.

It is a fun video course that shows the teacher’s extensive collection and inspires creativity.

The Udemy class is 4.5 hours in total and includes several bonus resources. It is an excellent choice for beginners with little or no prior exposure.

For a flat fee, buyers can watch the material on-demand with no limits. After completing the course, you will earn a certificate attesting to your mastery of the material.

The course audio and captions are only available in English. 

Fabulous Candle Making for All – Level 2 by The Academy of Ancient Magik

woman making candles

The second level of Fabulous Candle Making for All is an excellent intermediate choice. The course teaches advanced craft configurations like marbled candles, pillars, and gel varieties.

The instructor also teaches students how to use plastic and silicone molds and how to integrate flowers into the craft.

Level 2 is a three-hour Udemy course with a few extra materials. If you enjoy the Academy of Ancient Magik’s beginner class, this option makes a great follow-up.

Otherwise, candle makers with prior experience can learn many techniques from this course. 

English is the only supported language for Fabulous Candle Making Level 2.

Create a Perfect Soy Wax Candle by Iullia Skripchenko

soy wax candles

Instructor Iullia Skripchenko teaches students the proper techniques for making lovely soy candles in many configurations.

This class focuses primarily on perfecting and polishing the process for smooth, flawless candles. Students learn to eliminate white spots, holes, and imperfections while following expert advice.

Throughout the lesson, students create three different craft types: jar candles, bubble candles, and body candles.

This soy wax candle class is a short 35 minutes. Even though a beginner may be able to glean pertinent information from this course, it works best as supplemental material for someone informed.

There are no additional resources for this course, but students can still earn a certificate if they purchase the class.

The class audio and subtitles are available in English only.

Candle Making Business Certificate by Crystal Tummala

candle making business course preview

In Certificate Candle Making Business, teacher Crystal Tummala guides students in the art of making candles full-time.

The course features a basic introduction to candle creation, including wax types, scents, and colors.

Unlike other classes, this one focuses on teaching business ownership structures and tax processes for those who want to make candles as an occupation.

The course is two hours long, giving even beginners a basic introduction to the logistics of starting a candle business.

For a one-time purchase, anyone can rewatch the material as often as they please. Plus, those who complete the class earn a certificate to display at their business. 

The class audio and subtitles are only available in English.

Gel Candles – How to Make Gel Candles Quickly & Easily by Shona O’Connor

gel candle made at home by student

Also taught by Shona O’Connor, Gel Candles is a hands-on introduction to creating crafts without traditional soy or beeswax.

Students will experiment with color, bubbliness, and scent. Since their composition is more volatile than other candle materials, the instructor carefully explains how to avoid causing fires.

Gel Candles is an intermediate course lasting two hours. Instructor O’Connor assumes every watcher has some prior candle-making experience, diving right into the differences between gel and wax. 

This course is yours to watch and rewatch forever for a flat price. Completing the class earns you a certificate attesting your initiation with gel candles.

The class audio and subtitles are only available in English.

Candle Making Class by Shaw Academy

shaw academy candla making classes presentation

Shaw Academy’s online candle-making class is an intensive dive into the craft across several weeks. The first module is free and great for beginners.

If you want to continue learning more advanced techniques, you can purchase three more modules following the first.

This online course is sponsored by Austin Peay University.

For free, you can learn about candle terminology, working with beeswax, paraffin candles, and packaging.

For a price, students study techniques like paraffin candle dyes, wax melts, and establishing a business brand. 

In total, the course covers 32 lessons across 16 weeks. This class does include assessments and other resources. Students who complete the entire course earn a certificate, serving as a great business tool. 

Candle Making Classes with Gary Simmons

work of candle maker gary simmons

On his independent website,, instructor Gary Simmons offers ten online classes.

After enrolling in a class, students receive boxes through the mail and have a month to watch the corresponding instructions and complete assignments. 

The classes start with candle basics and gradually cover advanced forms like earth candles, veneer, wax paintings, and coral lanterns.

The final few lessons are an in-depth look at starting a candle business, including marketing, training staff, and pricing. Simmons’ course pack is one of the most in-depth candle studies online.

Students stay in constant contact with Instructor Simmons, sending pictures and status updates regarding their work as they progress.

Many other options do not allow students to message their teachers or ask questions.

Anyone can purchase the entire package of ten classes with materials for a fixed price. The last class includes a graduation ceremony and certificate, endorsing your work as a candle business startup. 

Soy Wax Candle Making Fundamentals by Armatage Candle Company

soy wax candle product

Soy Wax Candle Fundamentals is a class by Armatage Candle Company on their independent site.

In this three-part class, students learn about the basics of wax candles, methodology, and troubleshooting when they don’t work out.

It is a highly beginner-friendly prerecorded course that buyers can watch as many times as they need.

Materials are not provided with this class, but the package includes a shopping list that details some of the best affordable products.

Soy Wax Candle Making is a rudimentary but easy-to-follow course. For the first thirty days, if you aren’t satisfied, Armatage will refund your purchase.

You do not get a certificate for completing this class and there is no way to message the instructor.

Soy Wax Candle Making Fundamentals is an accessible and non-committal option perfect for anyone curious about basic candle making. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve surveyed ten different candle-making courses across varying topics and skill levels.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about making candles, opening a candle business, and terms related to the craft. 


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Now we’ve surveyed ten of the best online classes in candle making. We also answered many questions ranging from terms to business practices.

With the right education, starting a shop or a new hobby is right around the corner. Thanks to courses across the Internet, learning a new skill is easier than it has ever been.

I hope you learned something new from this article.

Please feel free to leave a comment or recommend a course below. I always welcome your suggestions and reviews in the comments section. 

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Holly is an American chandler from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has been making aromatherapy candles since 2015. She started as a small, one-woman show, and has been growing steady ever since.
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