Top 9 Best Online K-Pop Dance Classes

by Kiara Patel | Last Updated:   April 15, 2024

Online K-pop dance classes give you the chance to learn the dance moves step by step.

You can watch the videos as many times as you need to get the rhythm just right.

Whether you take the classes in real-time with an instructor or watch them when you get a chance, these online courses are a great way to step up your moves.

Online K-pop Dance Classes

Instead of re-watching your favorite K-pop group’s videos over and over, consider learning the steps from an online K-pop dance class. There are several quality options to help you master these moves.

K-pop Dance for Beginners – How to Dance Like a Korean Star

kpop dance for beginners course index

The course instructor, Yi-Pei Yang, is a professional dancer with a background in ballet and traditional Chinese dance.

Having so much experience learning from others helped Yang understand how to break down complicated-looking moves into steps you can follow.

The class is less than an hour total, broken down into four sections so you can take your time with each of them before moving on.

You’ll start with an overview of what you’ll learn, which includes how to control your body, hands, feet, and head while dancing.

After learning the importance of control, you’ll learn body movements that factor into many K-pop dances. Watch these lectures as many times as you need until you feel comfortable with the motions. Your body should feel loose and ready to dance.

The choreography for the K-pop song “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK is the capstone of this course.


Yang breaks the song into six lectures so you can learn each section of the song before putting it all together.

You’ll learn every step to the preludes and choruses, and you can pause and rewind the videos anytime you need extra work for a certain move.

Though you’re learning the choreography of one specific song, Yang gives you the basic moves you can use to dance to many K-pop songs blowing up the charts.

Most importantly, you’ll feel more comfortable with your body, which will empower you to take more classes and learn more dances.


Twice specials hot korean pop dance class

Once you’ve taken the beginner course reviewed above, the next logical step is to try this one.

The instructors are part of NROUND VT3, a Korean content provider based in Seoul. If you like this class, you can learn more dances from them — or even take Korean language lessons.

For this specific class, the instructors are K-pop backup dancers JNA, J_U, and Yujin.

They’ve worked with BLACKPINK, BTS, TWICE, and others, so you know they’ve got the moves.

Since they have experience working with K-pop idols, they also sprinkle dance tips in the video to help you learn more about becoming a K-pop star.

With this course, you’ll learn dances to the TWICE songs:

There’s one section for each song, but “Feel Special” and “Alcohol-Free” are two lectures each.

The lectures are about 30 minutes long so you can watch them, learn the moves, and get some exercise at the same time.

Anytime you’re struggling with a step, you can pause or rewind the footage until you get it right.

K-POP Dance Hits 2021

bts and blackpink dance course

If you loved the TWICE SPECIAL class, you’ll like this follow-up class from NROUND VT3. JNA, one of the instructors from the previous course, teaches the moves to four songs:

JNA danced with BTS, BLACKPINK, Jennie, EXO, and other huge K-pop acts, so you’re guaranteed a professional experience in this course.

Each song is its own section, but “Hot Sauce” and “Waterfall” have two lectures to ensure you get every step exactly right.

This course is worth the investment if you have the beginning moves down.

You’re learning from a professional backup dancer, so you’re getting the steps from someone who has experience performing them.

Also, you’re learning four songs over one class, so it’s definitely worth the money.


nct127 dance class

This course from NROUND VT3 teaches you choreography for three more K-pop songs: 

Joon, the instructor, has experience dancing with NCT127 onstage, so you’re getting a professional’s insight with this class.

Each lecture is about 30 minutes long, and there are two lectures for each song except “Call Me Baby.”

The course is almost three hours total, but you can take your time with the content to ensure you’re learning everything correctly.

Though Joon asks that you know basic K-pop moves before taking this course, you don’t need to be an expert.

She breaks down any section that might be tough for a beginner to learn. Since she’s fluent in English, you won’t have any trouble following her words along with the steps.

If you’ve taken the previous courses from NROUND VT3 and love that teaching style, this class is for you.

It’s always fun to learn more than one routine when you’re investing in an online dance class. This option gives you three songs by three different artists to help you dance like a pro.

Learn the Hottest K-pop Dance Covers With Ellen and Brian

learn k-pop dance covers with ellen and brian

Ellen and Brian have over two million YouTube followers so you can get a sneak peek at their style on that platform. But learning from YouTube videos isn’t the same as learning from an instructor.

Their class via Steezy gives you so much more than you’ll get from a YouTube clip.

Steezy is specifically engineered for online dance classes so you don’t have to stop dancing and rewind it to check out the move you keep missing.

There are controls to loop certain moves so you can watch them over and over while you practice, without interrupting your flow to rewind the footage.

You can also watch specific sections. It’s helpful to watch the full tutorial once to get an idea of the moves, then watch section by section so you can practice what Ellen and Brian did.

You can even control the speed to make the footage run slower. That option enables you to get the exact movements down at a slow pace while you practice.

If you’re unsure of what’s going on with the hand hidden behind their back or their other foot, you can switch views to watch the moves from behind. This shift helps you get the full idea of what your body is doing in each section.

The “See Yourself” option lets you turn on your camera and see yourself on screen, right beside Ellen and Brian!

You get a chance to check out your moves and see how they fit in with other dancers. You can even host a Steezy party with other dancers on the platform and perform a song together.

BTS Dance Package

bts dance package course preview lesson 1

The other courses from NROUND VT3 have taught choreography to songs by different artists. This one, however, focuses completely on BTS! You’ll learn the moves to three BTS songs, including:

Three different dancers teach this course: Yujin, Sun, and Huny. These dancers have performed with BTS, BLACKPINK, Super Junior, SHINee, and others. If you have basic K-pop dance moves and want to focus on BTS choreography, this class teaches you everything you need to know.

You’ll learn the choreography of each song over two lectures that are 20 minutes long. That gives you plenty of time to learn the steps along with the instructor. If you get stuck on a certain section, you can rewind and watch it again without feeling overwhelmed at learning the whole song at once.

The course is just over two hours long, so it’s worth the investment of both your time and money. You’ll love learning BTS choreography from backup dancers who have performed on stage with the group.

K-POP Edition: BLACKPINK Special!

black pink dance lesson preview

If BTS isn’t your jam or you want to learn more songs by one specific group, NROUND VT3’s course on BLACKPINK songs delivers what you need. You’ll follow the steps to four songs:

The instructor is JNA, who you might remember from the “TWICE SPECIAL” and “Dance Hits 20201” classes.

JNA has experience dancing on stage with BLACKPINK, Jennie, EXO, and BTS.

Since JNA has worked in the industry, she’ll also share information on the K-pop scene and tips about integrating these moves into group dances.

Every song takes two lectures except “Forever Young,” which is one 30-minute lecture.

The entire course is a bit under four hours long, so you can learn all these moves in a short period.

Of course, since they’re online classes, you can pause and rewind the videos as much as necessary to get the steps right.

K-POP Hits: Fall Edition

kpop hits fall classes

Several NROUND VT3 courses focus on learning a few select songs or highlighting one artist. Their latest class, on the other hand, is all about the recent hits topping the charts.

JNA, an experienced backup dancer who leads many of the channel’s courses, is back for this class that covers five K-pop singles!

You’ll learn choreography for these tracks:

You’ll be on the cutting edge of K-pop stardom when you learn the moves to these current hits.

While you’re practicing the choreography, JNA also gives you tips on how to keep your movements fluid and natural so you’ll look like the K-pop idols.

The course is about four hours long.

Each song has two 30-minute lectures except for “Cold Blooded,” which just takes 30 minutes total to learn. When you buy the course you have access to the videos so you can rewind, re-watch, and practice as much as you need.

Online K-pop Training Agency

online kpop training agency course homepage

ED K-pop is an online training agency that teaches you K-pop choreography and fitness.

There are even auditions periodically, so you can test your K-pop skills to become a star in your own right.

While the other options on this list are courses you can take any time, at your own pace, ED K-pop offers 36 live classes a month.

You’re sure to find one that fits with your schedule, and working with a live trainer definitely helps you level up your moves.

Online practices help you polish your moves between classes.

There are more than 600 different practice sessions that help you work on steps and learn new things in your free time.

There’s even an option to record yourself and watch your performance as if you had filmed it in a mirrored practice studio.

The instructors are K-pop backup dancers, and sometimes the stars themselves even guest-teach a course!

If you feel like you need additional help, you can add on private lessons to work one-on-one with a professional dancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The nine online K-pop dance classes reviewed above give you a great idea of where and how you can learn the hottest moves. In case you need more answers, check out these frequently asked questions.


K-pop is Korean popular music that encompasses many styles, including pop, hip hop, rock, and more. With such diverse music coming together to make one genre, the dance moves are similarly unique.

There are several K-pop singers in each group, and all have specific moves onstage. They trade positions in a method called formation changing.

When moves match a song’s lyrics it’s called a point dance, and these steps repeat during the chorus of the song.

These experimental moves are mesmerizing to watch, but it might seem intimidating to try and learn them yourself.

Thankfully, K-pop choreographers take the fans into consideration.

They understand that dancing along with your favorite songs is half the fun, so they simplify the movements enough for fans to learn them.

You still might worry that you can’t follow the steps while you’re watching the group perform. That’s where classes come in handy.

Have you tried any of the online K-pop dance classes reviewed above? Leave your reviews and suggestions in the comments below. We love to hear from K-pop fans and dancers!

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