Top 15 Best Belly Dance Classes (Online)

by Kiara Patel | Last Updated:   June 14, 2024

Have you ever wanted to try belly dancing? But, you don’t know where to start? If so, you have come to the right place.

Belly dancing is a fun way to get fit and learn new dance moves that you never knew you had in you.

I have done some research and composed a list of the top 15 belly dance classes available online that will teach you the skills necessary to become a belly dancer.

1. Learn How to Belly Dance: Complete Guide from A to Z By Ianna Komarnytska

Iana Komarnytska

Rated a 4.8 by prior students, this 17-hour online course offers step-by-step belly dance instructions, including belly rolls, shimmies, proper hip movements, and other belly dancing moves.

For this class, you do not need previous experience to join. Have some fun while learning new dance moves to folklore music.

Belly dancing helps to develop your core muscles and increases your coordination. Learn beginner belly dancing skills with this online class or new techniques and advance to the next level of your belly dancing skills.

Enjoy 17.5 hours of online video instructions that you can replay any time you want to watch the lesson again. After completing this unique belly dance course, you will earn a certificate of completion that you can frame on your wall and be proud of.

2. Mesmerizing Belly Dance – Foundations 1 By Stephanie Smith

belly dancer outfit

This online belly dancing class is rated an overall 4.4 by past students. You will learn twenty-one new belly dancing techniques in this step-by-step online course. 

Uncover the magic behind belly dancing and master the art of performing six belly dancing combinations and two challenge combinations to original choreography.

Give this online class a try if fun is what you are seeking while giving your whole body a workout and developing core strength. Discover an ultimate online course for beginners or anyone interested in learning basic belly dance moves.

After completion of this 2.5-hour class, receive a certificate of completion that can be printed off and hung on our wall to display your achievements.

3. Belly Dance for Beginners: Techniques and Combinations By Kasun Dias & Anastastasia April

belly dance class

This belly dance class is rated a 4.9 among past users. With step-by-step instructions and plenty of laughs, this online course is perfect for beginners looking to master the art of belly dancing or for anyone who enjoys belly dance and wants to advance their skills.

Discover new moves, such as shimmies, hip movements, undulations, and even more in this online instructional class.

An easy-to-learn course that teaches you how to combine your newly acquired skills into unique belly dance routines while promoting flexibility, posture, and toning your body.

Have some fun while learning to grow and succeed with every new step in your belly dance journey to success. Receive a certificate of completion after you have finished this belly dance class for beginners. 

4. Belly Dance Beginner Level: Dancing to 1001 Nights By Triana Moreira

1001 nights beginner belly dance program

Have some fun while learning to grow and succeed with every new step in your belly dance journey to success.

This belly dance class is recommended for beginners just starting on their journey of acquiring the skills needed to become belly dancers.

Learn the basic moves and fundamental skills of belly dancing while having some fun and staying fit. A great way to enjoy the benefit of exercise in your home, by yourself or with family and friends.

Sign up for this online class includes a free 7-day trial that you can cancel if unsatisfied. Your monthly fee allows you to access other courses from this belly dance instructor at no extra charge.

5. Belly Dance Beginner Starts Right Project Part One By Mee Mee Ang

belly dance beginner's course promo

This online belly dance class is the right choice for anyone curious about learning the art of belly dancing. 

Discover the basics of belly dancing, become more active, and stay fit in the comfort of your home without paying for an expensive gym membership.

No prior skills are needed to join this online belly dancing class. Sign up for a free 7-day trial and get ready to learn some new dance moves in this easy-to-learn beginner online belly dancing class.

6. Belly Dance Basics: Hip Slides, Circles, & Shimmies By Amanda “Shyama” Garion

hip move in belly dancing

This 1.5-hour-long video class offers lifetime access on any mobile device or television. Get right into belly dancing with this entertaining beginner course. 

Learn belly dancing, including shimmies, hip slides, healthy movement breaks and circles. In this easy-to-follow course, enjoy belly dancing for exercise, fun, and newly acquired skills while reaping the benefits of working on your core muscles, pelvic floor integration, backs, arms, and thighs.

Suitable for anyone, including men, women, or children, this online belly dancing class provides entertainment while learning new skills. After course completion, you will earn a certificate that you can proudly display on your walls.

7. Belly Dancer Suite: Instructions for All Levels (Several Instructors)

belly dance instruction presentation

Learn belly dancing from your choice of beginner lessons to advanced skill-leveled classes from several experienced instructors with easy online video instructions. 

Chose to dance in your free time with no set schedule to follow. Watch a belly dance lesson whenever you find a spare moment in your day from the comfort of your living room.

Gain access to over 130 belly dancing lessons of your choice with one annual membership fee.

From basic skills to combinations, techniques, drum solos, choreography, shimmying, and more, there is something to please everyone, no matter your skill level.

Perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the art of belly dancing without having to leave the house. 

8. Online Belly Dance Classes By Autumn Ward

autumn ward belly fancing course preview

Learn belly dancing with the convenience of videos played whenever you are in the mood for dancing. 

Although these belly dancing courses lean toward intermittent and advanced belly dancing, they also offer some beginner-level instructional courses.

Learn the art of belly dancing or advance your star power dancing skills to the next level with your choice of convenient online belly dancing classes.

Choose from classic belly dancing, different genres, cultural styles, and dance preferences that suit your unique dance style. Deepen your connection to belly dancing with these online classes. The perfect way to learn belly dancing while staying fit and having fun at the same time.

9. Intro to Datura Style Belly Dance By Rachel Brice

datura style dancing class

This online class is an introduction to Dutura-style belly dancing. It is ideal for beginners or anyone looking to learn a new style of belly dancing.

Discover the history of Datura-style belly dancing and learn how to perform the dance moves necessary for this traditional belly dance by highly trained dance teachers.

In this four-part course, learn the fundamentals of Datura belly dancing through a slow-moving video that breaks down the steps from start to finish. Before long, you will be dancing the Duturna like a pro. 

Online bellydance classes are fun and begin with a refreshing warm-up and a cooling down period at the end of class while teaching new skills of hip bumps, glute locks, chest lifts, pivots, and more.

10. Virtual Classes By Sadie Belly Dancer

sadie belly dancer

Sign up for a selection of challenging yet fun online classes that breaks down belly dance moves into simple lessons.

Suitable for any skill level, there are a variety of online courses to meet any comfort zone, from beginner to advanced. 

Connect to the history of belly dancing through movement and music that will get you in the mood for dancing. Choose from a selection of fitness levels and learn belly dancing from the comfort of your home.

Take your belly dancing to the next step with these easy-to-follow online classes as you slowly develop the skills necessary to acquire the art of belly dancing in the comfort of your living room. 

11. Belly Dance Basics 2 – Lifts, Drop & Arms By Amanda “Shyma” Garion

teacher showing belly dance moves

Discover the basics of belly dancing with this beginner online class through mastering hip lifts, arm rotations, movements, drops, and more.

Advance your belly dancing skills to include combinations, individual choreography, and precision techniques. Enjoy intense fitness, core building, and muscle strengthening in this unique beginner belly dancing class.

Suitable for all skill levels, this online course teaches the fundamentals of belly dancing in a fun and easy-to-follow instructional video.

Have fun while getting fit and strengthening your core muscles, legs, arms, and body during the process of learning new dance moves. 

12. ATS Belly Dance Drill Companion – Volume 5: Slow Steps By Krisztina Clark

Through repetition of dance steps, this online course offers your memory a chance to retain dance moves through slow-paced repetition of the same steps.

Learn belly dance moves through easy-to-follow instructions that enhance muscle memory. Other benefits of this unique online course include building belly dancing skills from the basic level upwards, lessons taught by a professional instructor, increasing endurance and energy levels, and more.

Follow along with this one-of-a-kind online course with or without a partner. Even if you do not have a partner, this online class offers the perfect dance mate for any skill level, from beginner to advanced. This course is entertaining and offers a full-body workout as you learn new belly dancing skills through repetitive dance moves that stick.

13. Mesmerizing Belly Dance Foundations – Beginning Veil By Stephanie Smith

belly dance veil

Learn the skills necessary to become a single veil dancer. Discover veil moves, twists, turns, and techniques that help you master these skills. This class teaches you how to recover from tangled veils and unexpected mishaps.

Have fun dancing to the beat of this beginner’s belly dancing course with an advanced instructor with over ten years of belly dancing experience while keeping in shape and toning your core, legs, arms, and back muscles.

Perfect for dancers who are beginners or intermediates interested in learning belly dance moves with a veil. This two-hour downloadable course allows you to rewatch the videos at any time.

You will also receive a certificate of completion when you have finished the course. 

14. La Belly Dance Academy By Stefanya

belly dance troup

Join this online professional team of belly dance instructors eager to teach belly dancing through weekly zoom meetings. 

Learn step-by-step classical and middle-eastern traditional belly dancing from the comfort of your home. Develop a connection with your body through demonstrated techniques and moves.

Online belly dance classes are first-come, first-serve, so book your reservation early to reserve your spot in this unique dance class. Enjoy learning belly dancing skills while burning calories, keeping in shape, and strengthening your core in this unique online belly dancing course. 

15. Beginners Bellydance Tutorial By Lalah Isaac

Beginners Bellydance Tutorial | By Leilah Isaac

This free 25-minute youtube tutorial teaches a lesson on belly dancing techniques for beginner students. Learn stretching techniques in a warm-up before the session begins. Stretch your arms, hips, legs, and core. 

In this fun and exciting lesson, learn hip thrusts, shimmies, dance step routines, combinations, and more as you stretch your core muscles and give your whole body exercise in this unique way to learn belly dancing and stay in shape at the same time.

When you have finished this tutorial, you should have learned the basic skills of belly dancing while sharing a few smiles during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

The thought of learning belly dancing can be daunting as much as intriguing at first.

To help you better understand the nature of belly dancing and everything pertaining to learning it, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about belly dancing. 



Belly dancing is a unique form of exercise that helps keep you in shape and strengthens and firms your stomach muscles, legs, arms, hips, and back. Who would have guessed that exercising could be so much fun? 

As you can see from this article, there are several incredible options for online instructional classes available if you are interested in learning the art of belly dancing by a qualified instructor, online and at your own pace.

I hope you have enjoyed the list of online belly dance classes that we found for you. 

If you know of any other online belly dancing classes we forgot to mention, please tell us about them in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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