Top 15 Best Adobe XD Courses (Online)

by Louise White | Last Updated:   April 16, 2024

If you are interested in learning how to use this design program in your current role or to bring your ideas for something new to life, there are a variety of online Adobe XD classes that you can try out.

It is easier than ever to learn Adobe XD online. 

Adobe XD is a powerful software program designed to help users create incredible vector-based prototypes in a collaborative format.

The program is ideal for many stages of the design process, from creating wireframes to designing the interface of web pages, an entire website or mobile app.

Although Adobe XD is a newer addition to the Adobe suite of design tools, it has rapidly become a crucial tool for today’s interaction and UX designers.

It is also constantly evolving, making it a challenging program to master.

Adobe XD Courses

UI/UX design with Adobe XD: Design & Prototype a Mobile App

ui ux design with adobe xd course preview

Beginners will appreciate the comprehensive explanations on how to use Adobe XD basics to design and even to create a mobile app prototype.

You don’t need to have prior knowledge of Adobe programs or Adobe XD to take the course. Luca Vavassori teaches it and has a 4.4-star rating. 

The course consists of 4 sections which encapsulate 14 lectures. The entire course is relatively short at just over 2 hours in total. 

Course takers will start out learning about the basics of the program, including an overview of the program interface and shortcuts.

The bulk of the course consists of how you can set up different screens for a mobile app, from the home screen to the login screen. Course takers will also learn how to create a mobile app prototype.

Overall, this is an excellent starter course to learn how to use different aspects of Adobe XD in a mobile app-specific project.

Users will learn tools that will help with productivity and efficiency and put design techniques into practice to design mobile apps.

User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD User interface and UX Design

adobe xd user experience design essentials training

Beginner UI and UX designers will learn every essential design element of the Adobe XD software with this Adobe XD web design course.

93 lectures provide structured, step-by-step content covering everything from designing mobile apps , a web page and websites to prototyping designs with built-in interactions. 

Course takers will learn how to create wireframes, build an app that responds to voice commands, and learn professional workflow and shortcuts.

If you have no background in user interface design, the course will also teach you how to choose fonts and pick the right colors for your project. 

There is a Facebook group specifically for people who take this course where you can get community feedback.

Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD Google Career Certificate

google certificate for responsive web design with adobe xd

This Google Career Certificate course helps newbies in the UX field achieve entry-level jobs in the field. 

The course takes users through the design of a responsive website from start to finish.

It teaches you how to approach website design from a user perspective, identify pain points and create design solutions. You can also learn how to create wireframes and prototypes. 

There are hands-on activities throughout the course to help people become familiar with common UX scenarios encountered in the workplace.

This is one of the top free courses when it comes to Adobe XD.

Upon completion of this course, users will receive a shareable Google Careers certificate. 

Learn Adobe XD Webdesign: Design professional websites from scratch – UI UX Design

learn adobe xd webdesign from scratch

The course instructor provides workable design files to practice with and manipulate and resources for colors, fonts, and stock images for future projects.

He walks course takers through designing websites for both the web and mobile, covering the basics while discussing more advanced techniques to elevate your design. 

This course will take about 3.5 hours to complete.

Upon completion, users will have completed a 4-page web design project and a single-page mobile website for use in a professional portfolio.

Build a voice prototype with Adobe XD and test it on an Alexa device

building a voice prototype with adobe xd

An experienced UI/UX and Motion Designer teaches this Adobe XD course. This course is suitable for users of all experience levels.

It teaches you how to build a voice prototype and test it using Alexa devices. The course has five lessons that take around 60 minutes to complete. 

Lessons include uncovering the basics of the Alexa UI Kit, how to build a prototype from scratch, advanced prototyping techniques, and how to sync your new prototype with an Alexa device.

Once you have it up and running, you can get real-time feedback on your brand-new prototype.

Throughout the course, users have access to two hands-on projects.

The first allows you to experiment with different colors, fonts, design transitions, and animations to get a strong feel for the software and its functionality. 

The second hands-on project focus on rethinking how to make existing apps voice-activated. Users will build wireframes, create interactive prototypes and add interactions, to ultimately build a working prototype.

Then, users give the created app to a live person and learn about the actual user experience process. 

The course is professional and offers a great deep dive into an important but less-publicized feature of Adobe XD. 

Adobe XD: UI & UX Design with 14 real-world projects

adobe xd ux design course preview

This in-depth Adobe XD course covers both UI and UX design. A full-stack web developer with over ten years of experience in the field teaches this course.

You don’t need experience with the program. Keep in mind that even intermediate and advanced Adobe XD designers can find the information presented valuable. 

There are 77 lectures broken up into 25 main sections. It begins with the basics of UI and UX, including why they are important and the design premises of each.

The course also offers basic design techniques that you can use in future projects, such as fonts and icons, color psychology, and symbols. It also details how to create plugins and wireframe feedback. 

There are 14 projects to work on and explore adobe xd, including travel mugs and AirMusic, as well as projects for mobile app speakers, payment apps, and audio players. 

Adobe XD from Beginner to Expert – Design, Prototype, HandOff

adobe xd beginner to expert training

This comprehensive online Adobe XD course will take beginners with zero know-how and transform them into UI/UX design experts in just under 8.5 hours.

It provides a general introduction to the design program and a detailed basics section covering how to use each available tool.

Once users have a solid understanding of Adobe XD and the tools it uses the instructor explains what paper and interactive prototyping are and guides the course taker through several hands-on exercises. 

There are numerous projects to experiment with within the course framework, including designing an iPhone app, exporting artboards in various sizes, and detailed information about Adobe XD integrations like Zepling and Avocode. 

A popular freelance UI UX app design professional and web developer, who has completed projects for major brands like Intel and Coca-Cola, teaches this course.

He successfully translates the complexities of Adobe XD and helps users learn the necessary skills to start their prosperous design careers. 

Intro to UI/UX for Graphic Designers: Adobe XD

intro to ux ui for graphic designers

For designers who want to expand their skills or transition into a new UI/UX role, this introductory course is an excellent choice.

An experienced strategic designer who utilizes active learning tactics to help users expand their portfolios teaches this course. 

Graphic designers and creatives who already have a strong understanding of design basics are the ones who will find this class most useful.

The course covers the foundations of working within Adobe XD, and the best features and secret tricks that will help elevate productivity and impress your design colleagues. 

The teaching style in the Intro UI/UX course is straightforward, engaging, and easy to understand. It has an even and enjoyable pace that allows course takers to work through tricky transitions and complicated techniques.

The action steps scattered throughout the lectures are incredibly helpful for people that require hands-on or visual learning. 

You will need some extra materials to get the most out of this course. In addition to downloading Adobe XD to work in, course takers will also need access to Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie.

At the end of the course, users will have successfully designed a unique mobile app and recorded a prototype that people can showcase in a professional portfolio. 

Free Course: Adobe XD for Beginners 

adobe xd for beginners free course preview

This Adobe XD course for beginners is a free 2.5-hour course consisting of 15 different main lessons. The course is free and incredibly comprehensive. 

Course instructor Adi Purdila is well-versed in the program and its extensive features.

He guides course takers through the basics of working with Adobe XD, advanced functionality, prototyping, and collaboration.

He teaches users how to work with artboards, create responsive layouts, and how to auto-animate.

Adobe XD CC Fundamentals 

Adobe XD CC fundamentals dashboard

This 5-star beginner-level course teaches course takers everything they need to know to create an interactive prototype for both a website and a mobile app.

It takes users step-by-step through setting up projects in the program, creating graphics with popular tools and interactive features, and how to share the final interactive prototypes with developers and new clients. 

Different lessons cover topics such as the ins and outs of artboards, working with sketch files, drawing with shape and line tools, layout options, responsive resizing, advanced interactions, and sharing final designs. 

The goal of the course is to teach people the skills they need to expand their design skills using Adobe XD tools.

Someone who is a master in video production, web design, and instructional design teaches this roughly 2 hours long course.

Adobe XD the course is for everyone from beginner designers to advanced professionals looking to elevate their design skills. 

It covers a variety of topics, including how to auto-animate specific elements within the software, integrating multiple interactions and micro-interactions on a single element, 3D transforms, advanced layouts, and the program’s top plugins. 

The course consists of 9 lessons that will take a little over 1.5 hours to complete. 

Adobe XD to Code With Avocode 3

avocode and adobe xd tutorial

Although you don’t need any coding knowledge to use Adobe XD, designs created in Adobe XD have to be exported via HTML.

Additionally, some designers with coding expertise may find the need to create code-friendly designs in a program like Adobe XD and convert it into a fully-responsive website with another program like Avocode 3. 

This course is designed for people with prior knowledge of HTML and CSS coding languages, and basic design techniques. 

The first half of the course teaches users how to create an Adobe XD design.

Then, it moves into the different Avocode platforms and their usability on the web and desktop, and how to import the new Adobe XD design into the program for coding.

An expert in game development, web designing, and digital art teaches this course, taking 2.4 hours to complete. 

Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge – Advanced Prototyping 

Adobe XD Daily Creative Challenge - Advanced Prototyping | Adobe Creative Cloud

Presented by Adobe Creative Cloud instructors and hosted for free on YouTube, the Advanced Prototyping course is perfect for experienced UI/UX designers who want to learn quick, new skills.

The course provides short daily challenges that are designed to exercise the creative muscles and practice within the program.  

Links to a starter file are included for download before the start of the course. With this 26-minute challenge course, users are taught to design a web, tablet, or mobile experience for tracking utility usage in the home or a business.

Once you’ve completed it, the user will learn how to add animations and interactions to the design with advanced prototyping techniques. 

Learning Adobe XD (LinkedIn Learning)

linkedin learning adobe xd

LinkedIn Learning offers an excellent online course designed to provide an overview of the different features of Adobe XD and their functionality.

The tutorial covers popular and uncommon tools, especially ones that can help you work more efficiently and boost productivity. 

Different skills covered in this course include learning how to work with images and vectors, creating a hamburger menu icon, adding grids and columns, and how to use artboards. 

The course is accessible on computers, tablets, or mobile phones and consists of 5.5 hours of content and 8 chapter quizzes.

At the end of the course, users will receive a certificate of completion.

Adobe CC Masterclass: Photoshop, Illustrator, XD & InDesign

adobe cc masterclass

Users who want the full experience with Adobe design products and their ability to work together will love this detailed masterclass.

It is ideal for new Adobe users and those who don’t have much experience with graphic design. 

The course provides extensive knowledge of graphic design fundamentals and their application in real-life situations. Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, adobe muse and XD are all covered in unique lectures that help people grasp the full digital design with Adobe CC experience. 

Users can move through each of the lectures at their own pace and have access to downloadable resources and an exclusive Facebook group.

Overall, the course consists of 82 individual lectures that last just under 13 hours in total.

There are multiple instructors, each with unique skill sets and design experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about the Adobe XD program. 

The Takeaway 

Adobe XD is a powerful ui design tool that has helped UI/UX designers create incredible wireframes, prototypes, and animated or interactive screens.

There are a variety of courses both free and paid available online which can help both beginners and advanced users expand their app design and program knowledge. 

Have you taken an Adobe XD course online? Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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